And Larry In A Sentence

How To Use And Larry In A Sentence?

  • He and Larry might have forgiven a pistol shot, but they could not forget the shame.
  • It was certainly an effective weapon and Larry and Luke were thoroughly interested.
  • Everything worse than ever, and Pat and Larry each obstinately determined to be sacrificed.
  • Grandon tripped one up and fell upon him, and then Vincent and Larry tripped up the other.
  • Mrs. Donovan cried bitterly as she went down the stairs and Larry put his arm around her.
  • Then over the line shot the skaters, Dick and Larry side by side and laughing merrily.
  • Five minutes later the taxi was in Forty-Fourth Street and Larry was stepping out.
  • But Tom was already up, and he and Larry Colby dragged Dick to a place of safety.
  • As they made the turn they came face to face with Blake French, Gerald and Larry.
  • With Miss Sherwood, Hunt, and Larry looking silently on, the two men began their examination.
  • As Dick and Larry shot ahead, still side by side, Sandwick overtook Slade and so did Marley.
  • And Larry was still unconscious that the old eyes were now watching him with their deep-set, expressionless fixity.
  • Each member of the party armed himself both with a pistol and a cutlass, and Larry led the way as before, candle in hand.
  • The small cellar was filled with smoke from the shotgun, and Larry was dancing around flipping his hurt hand in the air.
  • And Larry realized that the emotion behind it was a thousand times what showed in the thin voice of the bent, gestureless figure.
  • There was a grin on the man's face, but none the less it was a challenge, and Larry accepted it.
  • Hunt had known and Larry had known; both were people belonging to her old life, both the last people she expected to meet in such circumstances.
  • She had unerringly placed her finger upon his two great problems, and Larry knew it; he had considered them often enough.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Larry | And Larry Sentence

  • Gerald and Larry nodded to her.
  • Gerald and Larry followed his example.
  • And Larry hurried away.
  • And Larry had crumpled up into a grinning unconsciousness.
  • He followed the staff officer and Larry did the same.
  • And Larry shook hands with his partners of other days.
  • And Larry proceeded to give the details of his design.
  • The car paused again in the drive and Larry got out.
  • The door opened and Larry half entered.
  • Jerry came ahead on his face and Larry wilted in a bunch.
  • And Larry, you son-of-a-gun, you were right!
  • Mrs. Shuster and Larry and Idonia were walking, too.
  • Behind these, Tom the Bugler, and Larry Lameleg.
  • Mr. Braden recognized Gavin, Gerald and Larry French.
  • Pat and Larry wouldn't come to stay with us after all.
  • And Larry, after his prison fare, was dining as dine the gods.
  • And, Larry, raise your voice again and lead our marching song.
  • Then he asked Dick and Larry if they wanted to skate off the tie.
  • Then Cheyne repeated the dose, and Larry gasped and slowly opened his eyes.
  • And Larry believed he could rely upon Dick's pledged word.
  • The two bobs lined up side by side, and Larry Colby gave the word to go.
  • Maggie answered the summons, and Larry saw Old Jimmie enter.
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