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How To Use And Made In A Sentence?

  • She wrenched it out and made a pounce.
  • Men are degraded and made reckless by it.
  • Zena smiled and made no denial.
  • Then it was closed once more and made secure.
  • Len wheeled and made a grab for it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Made | And Made Sentence

  • Tottenham had his opportunity and made the most of it.
  • Who died and made you boss?
  • It was accepted and made much of by all.
  • He tried again and made woman.
  • Cheyney alighted and made the plan.
  • And they laughed and made fun of him.
  • It was all very bewildering and made her nervous.
  • He turned and made for the door.
  • There he met and made some friends.
  • And he turned and made for the door.
  • So he was careful and made compromises.
  • Sam sighed and made no other reply.
  • He advertised and made search.
  • So they kissed and made friends.
  • And made a cut at him with his cane.
  • So we drove there and made the arrangement.
  • This was then boiled down and made into soap.
  • He went up to her and made his request.
  • Ashe laughed and made himself cough.
  • Joe walked on and made no answer.
  • Zadig was examined and made no answer.
  • Then he revoked that will and made another.
  • Made male and made female?
  • I had both, and made the most of them.
  • And made a hundred mistakes?
  • And they drank and made merry.
  • He bowed and made his departure.
  • Somebody came in and made tea.
  • We bent down and made an examination.
  • I was lucky and made a deal.
  • She shrugged and made a moue.
  • I wore a wig and made up.
  • Then the redskins whirled and made off.
  • Patience smiled and made no reply.
  • He left me and made her his wife.
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