And Met In A Sentence

How To Use And Met In A Sentence?

  • He went on and on, and met with a fourth fight.
  • George turned and met the look in her sweet wistful eyes.
  • Anthea looked up, and met his eyes steadily.
  • She raised her eyes for a moment, and met his.
  • He rose and met me, holding out his hand.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Met | And Met Sentence

  • Scott stepped out and met him.
  • Against her will she looked up and met them.
  • If my lord had been in and met you!
  • Ruth looked up and met his eyes.
  • I went and met the manager.
  • Dave sprang down and met him at the gate.
  • Then she went on and met the cow.
  • Then she passed into the room and met him.
  • Then he turned and met her eyes.
  • I dismounted at once and met him on foot.
  • I looked up astonished and met her eyes.
  • Huge ships of ice sailed out from it and met him.
  • What would be the result when found and met?
  • He straightened suddenly and met her glance.
  • She glanced at him as she spoke and met his eye.
  • He felt the responsibilities of life and met them.
  • At last he looked up and met her eyes.
  • She rose and met him as he came towards her.
  • Then they went off and met in the afternoon together.
  • He turned back and met her look.
  • She turned and met his eyes squarely.
  • Eunice saw her coming and met her at the door.
  • His eyes opened and met mine.
  • Truedale looked up and met the eyes that searched his soul.
  • His lordship rose and met him with outstretched hand.
  • His hand sought hers and met it half-way.
  • Steve smiled and met his cordiality more than half way.
  • She looked angrily at him and met the gray eyes.
  • Philippa turned and met his almost pleading gaze.
  • He hastily went forward and met his bride.
  • I was sent for, and met him in the office.
  • He jumped up suddenly and met the postman at the door.
  • He went to meet him and met him at de gate.
  • So he drew in his horns and met the notary half way.
  • She understood his message, and met his appeal.
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