And Much In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Much | And Much Sentence

  • And much to be regretted.
  • And much more of the same kind.
  • And much about her dress.
  • And much had been given to him.
  • And much had been given to him.
  • And much good it has done her!
  • Much might be said for and much against.
  • This and much more ought to have been mentioned.
  • And much more inspiring when you got it.
  • And much was revealed to me by that dream.
  • Little novelty and much change.
  • Hemp was very scarce and much needed.
  • And much those hearts to grieve.
  • And much smoke came in.
  • And much more of the same flattering nature.
  • You are too spirited and much too talented for that.
  • And much more those that help other people!
  • And much more he could not learn.
  • And much good may that do you!
  • And much more to like effect.
  • It is something very different and much more complicated.
  • It is a long time and much has happened.
  • There is much conflict and much isolation.
  • The games were splendid and much liked.
  • The tendons were soft and much thickened.
  • There was dancing and feasting and much merriment.
  • Farwell was slightly the taller and much the heavier.
  • He had something to tell and much to hear.
  • All this was given in chorus and much of it lost.
  • It has given me comfort and much instruction.
  • There was a great battle and much noise.
  • It will be little money and much work!
  • His bed was small and much dilapidated.
  • And much better off than in this old mill.
  • Tears trickled down her cheeks and much she sighed.

How To Use And Much In A Sentence?

  • The rooms were very dirty and much neglected.
  • And much more contented were the men with the mess.
  • There was much to elevate and much to depress me.
  • And much for discount there, behold!
  • They will be saved many failures and much pain.
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