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  • Companionship and mutual authority and helpfulness are the only foundations for a happy home.
  • All ferocity must be misinterpretation of the divine law of harmony and mutual help.
  • There was a scene, they lost their tempers, and mutual recriminations were the result.
  • A perfect storm of welcome greeted him, and mutual surprise and delight were exhibited by all.
  • There force and fear, not justice and mutual good will, are the controlling influences.
  • Among the Shetland fishermen mutual forbearance and mutual reliance was the rule.
  • The two sexes live together in peace and mutual indifference until the middle of July.
  • And words of solemn import there were said, And mutual vows were pledged till death should part.
  • He walked With wind and sunlight like a brother, glad Of their companionship and mutual aid.
  • Since we, a youthful pair, Together at the altar stood, And mutual vows pledged there.
  • These principles may be set down roughly as Order, Kindness and Mutual Forbearance.
  • It represents the meeting and mutual adjustment of two fundamental and complementary conceptions of religion.
  • Mutual tasks and mutual hardships bound them together in a love that was as strong as it was tender and sweet.
  • Even contact and communication have been considered contaminating and the outcome has been a condition of complete alienation and mutual bigotry.
  • Both need its unequivocal and mutual mementos, to be cherished for all time to come as its perpetual witnesses.
  • This is why a question apparently of pure science turns out practically so full of inward heartburning and mutual reviling.
  • Close and tender must have been the bond, which had such fruit in princely generosity and mutual loyalty of soul.
  • They had touched the chord of a secret and mutual experience which had gone so far that their lives would be influenced by it for ever after.
  • Plato also makes friendship the ideal of the state, where all have common interests and mutual confidence.
  • For the incidents of the day had served to sweep away formality between them and to give them a sense of long acquaintanceship and mutual liking.
  • Each has something that the other needs, and close fellowship will result in new race sympathy and mutual advantage.
  • Genuine charity can never exist in such an unexpansive state of society, and mutual love is torn in shreds.
  • Their emotions toned down somewhat, to a level of trust and friendship, and mutual exchange of knowledge.
  • It should never be other than a spirit of pure and mutual liberty and consent, subject to some legal recognition for the care of offspring.
  • His chief aim at this, and indeed at all times, seemed to be to establish an agreeable and mutual ease.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Mutual | And Mutual Sentence

  • Do love and mutual helpfulness prevail?
  • There was mutual admiration and mutual respect.
  • He is in need of continuous cooperation and mutual help.
  • Thus things become mutual causes and mutual effects.
  • The meeting reveals nothing but ambition and mutual hatred.
  • Then there was a mighty shaking of hands and mutual congratulations.
  • Is there no possibility left in negotiation and mutual concession?
  • Matters drifted on in general discontent and mutual recrimination until 1810.
  • Mutual confidence and mutual respect are the two principal factors in the case.
  • For the third time farewells and mutual good wishes were exchanged.
  • They are derived from fellowship, from common tastes, and mutual sympathy.
  • Much innocent mirth prevailed, and mutual good feelings were largely promoted.
  • Malice and mutual hatred, we repeat, became a duty in those circumstances.
  • Do I not put a cheat upon them, and act against justice and mutual agreement?
  • And Tom and the Slogger shook hands with great satisfaction and mutual respect.
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