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  • She hastens down the stairs and opens it.
  • He jumps out and opens the window.
  • She goes to the door and opens it.
  • Helen hears him and opens her eyes.
  • A maid comes out and opens the door.
  • He puts out the lights and opens the door cautiously.
  • Time fades, and opens on eternity.
  • He takes the blue paper and opens it with trembling hand.
  • The wedding shuts one gate and opens another.
  • She is half asleep, and opens her eyes to smile at him.
  • Up wakes the little boy, and opens both his eyes.
  • Lady Sarah gathers a sprig and opens her parasol.
  • And there he takes out a letter from his pocket and opens it.
  • Right up into the lofts he climbs and opens the most secret chamber.
  • The studio was originally the kitchen and opens out of this room.
  • This extends along in front of the backbone and opens into the heart.
  • He sits in his office and opens his mail and you are just a boy in the works.
  • The farmer comes out and opens the milk-house door with his key.
  • He gives himself away too cheaply, and opens himself to all sorts of influence.
  • It clarifies the intellect, and opens the eyes to much that was obscure.
  • This faces the road and opens by a large glass folding-door on to the lawn.
  • Steinheil goes down and opens the door to a man or woman, but probably a woman.
  • This prophetic insight is very sublime, and opens up new spaces in man.
  • He doubts whether it is a dream; and opens the letter with a trembling hand.
  • CARVE goes to door, L., and opens it.
  • Baron Wenkendorf clears his throat, and opens the portly volume.
  • JONATHAN goes to the door and opens it.
  • VAVASOUR opens his mouth, shuts it, and opens it again.
  • TANYA runs in at the sound of the bell and opens the front door.

How To Use And Opens In A Sentence?

  • The other is in the north wall of the transept, and opens into the choir vestry.
  • Then he starts up nervously for no apparent cause and opens one of the lattice windows.
  • If the gallant comes out of his own door and opens the other, the broken hair tells the tale.
  • The bill is elevated and opens considerably with each note; the head bobs with the loud note.
  • Still talking, she stoops mechanically and picks it up, smooths it, and opens it.
  • Where deep philosophy convenes her sons And opens all her secrets to their view!
  • The plastron is hinged at one side, furnished with a latch, and opens like a door.
  • He finds at last a poor girl so called, and marries her, and opens an inn as he had been directed.
  • Faith grafts him into the Father's family, and opens up to him a room in the Father's house.
  • Faith unites the soul to Christ, brings peace with God, and opens the way to heaven.
  • And now the crowded train sweeps northward through the great cities and opens up bits of marine views.
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