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How To Use And Quick In A Sentence?

  • It is at moments like these when clear heads and quick wits are most invaluable.
  • The ingenuity and quick wit of the man in the engine-cab more than once was called into play.
  • Tall and quick-tempered, and you can imagine how strong in the fingers he was in those days!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Quick | And Quick Sentence

  • Harriet was lithe and quick.
  • Kendale was clever and quick of resource.
  • She breathed short and quick.
  • But the guns were now loud and quick.
  • The motion is smooth and quick.
  • It must be both retentive and quick.
  • He is a wise man and quick.
  • Their eyes are hard and quick.
  • Their handshake was firm and quick and strong.
  • Her breath comes short and quick.
  • Their shrewdness and quick wit is very noticeable.
  • She had made a calm and quick passage.
  • Flesh-wounds and quick-healing wounds are exceptions.
  • She was a woman of fine feeling and quick perception.
  • Again the army was saved by courage and quick action.
  • Those bony little fingers of hers were deft and quick.
  • I how keen and quick the look of her high-bred face!
  • A brave man, and quick-tempered.
  • My mother was seventeen, and quick in disposition.
  • He was as cool as a cucumber, and quick as lightning!
  • And, quick as light, he took it.
  • I like her eyes, they are so dark and quick and shining.
  • Aye, and quick, before ...
  • One of us has got to clear, and quick, too.
  • One of us has got to clear, and quick, too.
  • One of us has got to clear out of here, and quick, too.
  • One of us has got to clear out of here, and quick, too.
  • Our Karen can be harsh and quick, you know that, Franz.
  • And quick.
  • Finally he determined to contrive some easy and quick way of printing.
  • For in no other situation is a clear and quick brain so urgently needed.
  • This fleet and quick-sighted animal is generally the victim of its curiosity.
  • Frank took her hand, and quick as thought raised it to his lips.
  • We were the flanking company, and vital work had to be done and quick.
  • They are keen business men and quick to seize every legitimate advantage.
  • Being both uncertain and quick, he was a man to slip a trail easily.
  • The young girl was light on her feet and quick, and not cowardly.
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