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  • Flee into hiding and remain there.
  • Step within and remain here for the night.
  • He did not order any one to come and remain.
  • They pair and remain faithful partners.
  • She cannot transgress the law and remain immune.
  • These become fixtures and remain with them for many years.
  • Get into hiding and remain till the coast is clear.
  • Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.
  • Climb up into it, and remain there till the moon rises.
  • Often would critics come to scoff and remain to pray.
  • It will all be put a stop to, and remain a secret.
  • It shall put off mortality, and remain immortal.
  • It shall put off corruption, and remain incorruptible.
  • He concluded to lie low and remain a fortress, therefore.
  • We are and remain followers of Moses and of his teaching.
  • Go back to London and remain silent.
  • In the main I think we are sensitive and remain sensitive.
  • I wish you a happy Xmas and New Year, and remain.
  • Children cannot be with good and great people and remain the same.
  • But only a philosopher could be drenched as she had been and remain unaffected.
  • All perceptions are and remain nothing but symbols or reflections of truth.
  • He bade the archers to close the door and remain there on guard.
  • And could one really do that and remain ignorant of the fact?
  • He decided to ride for the forest, and remain there until dark.
  • They were admitted into his works in 1730, and remain there to this day.
  • A collection of them await our approach, and remain to be dispersed.
  • We can distinguish the water-line, and remain unseen ourselves.
  • The main thing is, that you are to give up this notion and remain here with me.
  • You can't see that work going on and remain unmoved.
  • Then they would burrow under the soft mud and remain quiet for an hour or two.
  • Some people develop slowly and remain children much longer than other people.

How To Use And Remain In A Sentence?

  • Most of their tepees were up and they were ordered to go into them and remain there.
  • You can all retire to a distance and remain in profound ignorance of any such affair.
  • Was the ancient monarchy really to be humiliated and remain permanently dismembered?
  • If a train approaches he shall flag it and remain until the train stops.
  • Davout was to march thither and remain there; the other divisions were successively to join him.
  • The omelette when cooked should be light and puffy, and remain so while being served.
  • The oily half of the higher place is the hard things that do not get in and remain.
  • But alight and remain there a few days, and you will find it hard to drag yourself away.
  • Ten or eleven feedings for twenty-four hours are all a child will bear and remain healthy.
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