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  • And we were off and running.
  • The question then was between climbing and running.
  • As soon as she cleared the town she was off and running.
  • There was a commotion of voices and running feet.
  • The insurgents were throwing away their arms and running.
  • The water was smooth and running with a musical ripple.
  • All of them were close, and running fast.
  • Vecchia and running along by the sea in the early morning.
  • The world is growing old and running to seed.
  • And running things in their usual efficient fashion.
  • He felt like taking to his heels and running for his life.
  • And running away from the Hall?
  • The tide was rising and running rapidly up the Sound.
  • Rufus Carder appeared, yelling and running.
  • But I want to go running and running down hill!
  • Then Gunnar was loose, and running to the boat.
  • Again, at the last, I saw him up and running on again.
  • Destruction of Nickajack and Running Water.
  • We'll be up and running in no time.
  • With a leap he was off the verandah and running for the stables.
  • It was almost always full and running over when you carried it.
  • There should be trees and grass and flowers and running vines.
  • Check only branches that are rampant and running away from others.
  • He seemed to be dreaming of flowery lands and running streams.
  • There are hills and dales and running streams and woodland and pasture.
  • Some were weeping and running about, half crazed with anguish.
  • Decurrent: closely attached to and running down another body.
  • Then there was confusion in the household, and running hither and thither.
  • He was over the hedge in a moment, and running for bare life.
  • But he had still weary stadia before him, and running was out of the question.
  • The little one grew up, which did not deter her from playing and running about.
  • I felt something like remorse in deceiving him and running away in this manner.
  • The rhymes cannot be held down, but are ever escaping and running ahead.
  • In a few moments she was safely out-of-doors and running across the field.

How To Use And Running In A Sentence?

  • She was out of the library and running down the corridor before she realized it.
  • Only her pride kept her from betraying her disappointment in him and running away.
  • Thereupon a larger channel opened just beyond the first and running alongside it.
  • Of the very wolf-dogs straining in the harnesses and running with her across the snow?
  • Men were seen falling and others scattering and running back to their own lines.
  • Indeed blessings have been given me in full measure, pressed down and running over.
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