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How To Use And Sell In A Sentence?

  • Why should they not use the automobile to advertise and sell the cure about the country?
  • She had wound into his heart to bleed him of all he knew and sell the secrets for money.
  • There was money to be made in buying and selling and he was going to buy and sell.
  • His idea was to have us manufacture and sell register and cylinder gate turbines.
  • On this resulting balance he will at once draw his demand draft and sell it in the open market.
  • Grave and respectable citizens were chosen to keep the early ordinaries and sell liquor.
  • But he laid a plan to betray his country, and sell it into the hands of the enemy.
  • One day this miller made up his mind that he would take his ass to the fair and sell it.
  • They manufacture simple compositions like polishing waxes and sell them from door-to-door.
  • After weighing the matter in every way they decided to increase the amount and sell 30,000 shares.
  • At last he decided to cut and sell the timber, and use the land for raising more wheat.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Sell | And Sell Sentence

  • Why did he take the pearls and sell them?
  • And then he will betray and sell the state!
  • Their chiefest passion was to buy and sell.
  • They cut off and sell a link at a time.
  • I can take away the things and sell them.
  • I use only two and sell the other three.
  • But we want to go and sell our ruby soon.
  • Eat the best things you raise and sell the rest.
  • He gits his rake-off out of all they run off and sell.
  • Be diligent, and sell them all the butter you can.
  • But we want to go and sell our ruby soon.
  • Have men a natural right to buy and sell each other?
  • They keep a bar there, and sell liquor.
  • Well, do you suppose you have a right to go and sell it?
  • They give away whisky and sell cold water.
  • The people who make beer and sell it say that it is a food.
  • Put 'er into scenario form and sell it to 'em.
  • They could buy and sell in American ports.
  • Some day I shall get sick of it and sell out, I suppose.
  • Guess we'll have an auction and sell out.
  • The dealer's business is to buy and sell.
  • Then a sexton was ordered to take out and sell superfluous articles.
  • Carry them all to market to-morrow, and sell them for what they will bring.
  • Buy low from those who have to sell, and sell to those who want to buy.
  • They rear poultry, and sell their chickens and eggs to the house.
  • He believed that he could write a book and sell it himself, by subscription.
  • A third solution remained: to advance and sell their lives dearly.
  • The junkmen mine and sell the metal, but we could do it much better.
  • Next day we'll have an auction and sell 'em to the highest cash bidder.
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