And Something In A Sentence

How To Use And Something In A Sentence?

  • I must have a wash first, and something to eat.
  • But now it has gone too far, and something must be done.
  • The bushes moved again, and something came into view.
  • Do you hear the noise, and something like voices?
  • Dinner and something cool, after the long broiling day.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Something | And Something Sentence

  • And something more than that.
  • New scenery and something doing.
  • And something changed in me.
  • And something did happen.
  • And something in me changed.
  • Food and something to drink!
  • And something happened.
  • And something terrible.
  • For a twelvemonth and something mair.
  • And something did actually happen.
  • And something did turn up that very day.
  • And something else he feels.
  • Hal was, and something more.
  • And something of this she imparted to her uncle.
  • These pictures are letters and something more.
  • And something very different from what it seems to.
  • And something else went with it.
  • He said that and something else.
  • The father was a jeweller and something of an artist.
  • And something much too plain to say.
  • Duty and something else stirred into conflict.
  • And something more he read about the storm-wind.
  • And something makes me so anxious to help them!
  • He was an excellent writer and something of a poet.
  • He laughed and something in his laugh jarred her.
  • And something snapped into place in my neck.
  • We came for wood and something brought us here.
  • Now she was angry all over, and something happened.
  • Look out, and something may be done.
  • And an honest man he is, and something more.
  • And something has come of it, mother.
  • And something out of his childhood memory came to mind.
  • But he was a sad rogue, and something more.
  • Witham saw her quiet confidence and something of her pride.
  • I heard a bump and something that sounded like a groan.
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