And Sought In A Sentence

How To Use And Sought In A Sentence?

  • The impatient Maid left the court and sought the army.
  • For I had loved vanity, and sought after leasing.
  • Rodgers departed, and sought out Rupert at Royabay.
  • Have I gone and sought for you, have I?
  • They left Jimmy and sought Mr. Willing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Sought | And Sought Sentence

  • Maurice rose and sought the man himself.
  • Aviators were amazed and sought an explanation.
  • Quickly the avengers gathered and sought him.
  • I was petted and admired and sought after.
  • And sought so long in vain.
  • Siddha hesitated and sought for an answer.
  • Aphrodite returned to earth and sought to worship me.
  • Then she returned to the telescope and sought the level.
  • He drew her away and sought the cabin.
  • We dropped into chairs and sought our pipes.
  • And sought the level of the opposite side.
  • She opened it and sought first the signature.
  • The boys thanked him and sought their room.
  • Quickly he left the theater and sought his hotel.
  • She was frightened at his anger and sought to pacify him.
  • The hunters straightened up and sought the source of it.
  • And after a long time he arose and sought the governor.
  • Her servants were known and sought after for miles round.
  • Catherine kissed her sister and sought her distant chamber.
  • Hubert bowed, and sought for words.
  • Nell adjusted the glasses, and sought again.
  • He turned his back upon them and sought the garden.
  • Mara took it, and sought to aid her.
  • They reached the western gate and sought to pass.
  • He resolutely closed his eyes and sought slumber once more.
  • He evidently heard, and sought to obey.
  • I sought and sought, but could not find it.
  • He bit his lip, and sought rigorously for decorum.
  • Then the settlers said good night, and sought their homes.
  • He grew thin, and sought the advice of many pianists.
  • So she left him there and sought Ottillie.
  • He sought relief near and far, and sought in vain.
  • Phillips came back to England and sought me out.
  • Saint-Just appeared and sought to speak.
  • He sailed across the channel and sought refuge in France.
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