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  • As boy he had sometimes triumphed in games and sports over the champions of the villages.
  • A holiday that lasted seven days was set, and there were games and sports and pleasures.
  • He became attached to his companions and teachers, and both in his studies and sports, was happy.
  • But how can we place confidence in a malicious Providence which laughs at and sports with mankind?
  • Luckily we were able to fit in bathing, concerts, and sports, which kept everyone cheery.
  • The games and sports which amused the people in these poorer quarters were not so refined as the ball-throwing of the princes and courtiers.
  • There are, however, a wide variety of games and sports in which girls may find both pleasure and profit.
  • These little creatures lived and reveled in these grand old forests, and made them joyous with their merry shouts and sports.
  • Persons of his age are rarely fond of work, but then they are addicted to company, and sports, and exercises.
  • A royal feast was made, and sports and games were set; indeed there was a holiday that lasted forty days.
  • Although so fond of games and sports when a man, as a boy he evinced little interest in them, probably on account of his ill health.
  • Of all the games and sports of the Spaniards, that of the bull-fight is the most cruel, and without one redeeming feature to excuse its indulgence.
  • Once there, their shyness thawed; they became expansively merry, and singing, dancing, and sports were soon the order of the day.
  • This is an admirable attempt to illustrate the first principles of Natural Philosophy, by the aid of the popular toys and sports of youth.
  • Sometimes it's a young blood with money; a black sheep of the family who drinks and sports, and in the end there's divorce if nothing worse....
  • Everybody cried out that the king must give the victor the hand of the princess; and so he did, and no one had ever seen such balls and feasts and sports before.
  • It is especially important, that children have the perspiration and other impurities, which their exercise and sports have occasioned, removed from their skin before going to bed.
  • Educational training in the forenoon and sports in the afternoon was the order of the day, and everyone looked forward to demobilization and Blighty once more.
  • We can all remember Through the long December Camps and hikes and swims and sports in the warm July!
  • To speak impartially, the historians of former times were too often guilty of flattery, and their works were little better than games and sports, the effects of art.
  • Having described its appearance and general characteristics, I shall proceed to introduce the reader to my future companions, and describe our amusements and sports among the marshes.
  • Cakes from the May Eve fire, hemp-seed and prophetic dreams from Midsummer, games and sports from Lugnasad have survived in varied forms.
  • The whale, on the contrary, takes care of her little one, gives it suck, and sports playfully with it in the waves; its enormous heart throbbing all the while, no doubt, with satisfaction.
  • He keeps his hands clean, wears rings, and sports a gold snuff-box; notwithstanding which, Jack is one of the boldest and best of sailors, and the men know it.
  • My list of games and sports is by no means exhausted, but I must close it by referring to stone-throwing, which, although not exactly a game, is in universal practice among boys, and even girls.
  • We have national costumes, Dutch, Swiss, Irish, Japanese, Italian; we have drill suits and sports dresses.
  • On the tenth day the majority of the people returned to their homes, with the exception of every third and fifth year, when they remained behind for the Mystery Plays and Sports, which lasted from two to three days.
  • Quite a voyage, but neither tedious nor tiresome to the passengers, so pleasant did they find each other's society and the variety of books and sports provided for their entertainment.
  • Cardinal Pole and the Ciceronian De Longueil shared as students in those tasks and sports at Padua which were so vividly described by the English churchman in his record of their life-long friendship.
  • There were besides, hymn tunes; and young people had simple airs for all sorts of games and sports.
  • It has searched into the foundations of the earth and ascended the starry dome of infinitude; it grasps the inconceivably small and the inconceivably great; it delves in the hard stratum of facts, and sports in the most sublime theories.
  • The consequence was that the boys only lost their time, and not so much of this as might have been expected, for in their hours of leisure they were actively engaged in exercises and sports which developed their physical nature, and made them at any rate strong and healthy.

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  • Games and sports, 5 words.
  • The same people run much faster in games and sports.
  • He talks of the weather, clothes, plays, and sports.
  • The troops were to have a great sham fight, and sports were to be held.
  • She packed an evening gown, several afternoon frocks, and sports clothes.
  • Or, Dick & Co.'s First Year Pranks and Sports.
  • Or, Dick & Co.'s First Year Pranks and Sports.
  • Collections of Shells, Plants, Minerals, &c. Children's Games and Sports.
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