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  • He rode facing the hind wheel and standing on the pedals.
  • So she came in, and, standing at the door, coughed.
  • She smiled, and, standing up, held out her hand to him.
  • I rose, and, standing behind the woman, bent over her.
  • In a minute he was through the hedge and standing before her.
  • Lee was up and standing almost in line with the man he had covered.
  • Witnessing for truth and standing for truth he again preceded us in this.
  • Their reputation increased with the number and standing of their lovers.
  • The professionals were nearly all men of substance and standing in the land.
  • It would give him just the prestige and standing he needed in that country.
  • Self-repression is as socially uneconomic as jails and standing armies.
  • The erect position in sitting and standing should be assiduously observed.
  • And standing waiting thus he saw a sight that he never was to forget.
  • The jury was already back in the box and standing to render their decision.
  • Each cadet stepped to his mount, untying the animal and standing by.
  • He was of a good height, broad in the shoulders and standing well.
  • And standing over the tutor he turned himself, looking from one to another.
  • She divided one into strips, and standing over him began to feed him.
  • I'd love to see her just a-coming and standing by my bed.
  • The chin is small and round, the ears large and standing out from the head.
  • She glanced at him, surprised, releasing the dog and standing up.
  • And standing in the stream, he turned his face towards the god of day.
  • I asked the man, speaking sharply, and standing with my hand on the door.
  • She went to him and, standing close, put her hand inside his arm.
  • He rattled the gate and, standing with white arms outstretched, waited.

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  • He filled his kingdom and provinces with fortresses and camps and standing armies.
  • There were no signs of any boats and she seemed to be stripped of both running and standing gear.
  • These men were apparently doing the best they could and standing valiantly to their duty.
  • Kicking off his snow-shoes and standing his gun outside he proceeded to crawl in on all fours.
  • And standing at the tall windows was a figure in a frock coat squinting through a telescope.
  • It was only by being beaten, and standing up to our beatings, that we won in the end.
  • They reported standing in the midst of tables and maps and standing received their orders.
  • It is surely a great loss to have a young man of his ability and standing leave the group.
  • I had each hair on your head separate and standing; and but for a kiss you would now be mad.
  • This enclosure was already crowded with some three hundred people, sitting and standing.
  • Formerly it was confined to the rabble, now it has taken hold of those of education, and standing.
  • After that they gathered broken twigs of lupine, and standing afar threw them at the flames.
  • Men of "property and standing" were generally passively if not actively hostile.
  • But under pressure, and standing in danger of his life, he might be induced to be more explicit.
  • More than once he stopped the car and, standing up, looked steadily away seawards.
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