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  • Kisses and starts and wooings of the boughs!
  • He did everything by fits and starts.
  • James only came home by fits and starts.
  • The rider leaps to his saddle and starts.
  • Only by fits and starts did any man sleep.
  • I used to work only by fits and starts.
  • Haggart turns around silently and starts.
  • They pushed forward step by step, and by fits and starts.
  • But since it has broke out only by Fits and Starts.
  • Napoleon reaches Smorgoni, and starts for France.
  • Napoleon defeats Russians, and starts to save Paris.
  • Returns to St. Louis and Starts Westward.
  • By fits and starts.
  • Takes daughter's head and starts home.
  • It is time that he stops living for himself and starts living for the whole.
  • It does not come by fits and starts, it is a part of his very life.
  • He gets up into the seat and starts off again; it goes steadily now.
  • She then rolls it into a lump, and starts with it on a voyage of discovery.
  • The fire flickered up and showed by fits and starts the inside of the hut.
  • The minute the horse is sold he turns around and starts walking back.
  • He worked at things by fits and starts, but at a furious rate when he did work.
  • Tom is discharged from the factory and starts overland for California.
  • Then someone learns the secret and starts heading for the Authorities.
  • Before daybreak Ekela takes his staff and his fly-brush and starts.
  • Dresses in her best frock, which is simple voile, home-made, and starts out.
  • But he picks himself up smartly, and starts after M. Isabey.

How To Use And Starts In A Sentence?

  • Remorse had not as yet become chronic with him, but it seized him by fits and starts.
  • Awdrey replied by fits and starts; once he nodded and half fell asleep in his chair.
  • He worked at his trade by fits and starts, earning enough to keep himself in cigarettes.
  • He simply enters these elaborate state-owned and state-supported quarters and starts work.
  • As soon as one leaves the rivers and starts across country one is in the uninhabited wilderness.
  • He would never reform; he would work by fits and starts and he could not support me.
  • The pursuers crept up and fell back by fits and starts; slowly the distance widened.
  • And at last a peeping frog gains confidence, and starts up a trill somewhere behind you.
  • He was a tyrant only by fits and starts, and in the mean time there was anarchy at Crompton.
  • There's a big swelled-headed bully, and he gets a little fellow down and starts kicking 'im.
  • Everything I put my great big clutching hands on turns dark green and starts to rot.
  • Helen motions to Susanne, with her finger on her lips, and starts towards the bedroom.
  • And starts, amidst the thirsty wilds, to hear New falls of water murmuring in his ear.
  • Mrs. Dennistoun, indeed, was not always aggressive, her opposition was but in fits and starts.
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