And Such In A Sentence

How To Use And Such In A Sentence?

  • And such lovely twins they were!
  • Such was and such is the spirit of the inhabitants.
  • And such a desert we have reached!
  • And such an imposing array!
  • And such he was to-day.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Such | And Such Sentence

  • Tumbleweeds and such.
  • And such it proved to be.
  • And such rooms as they were.
  • And such was the fact!
  • And such habitations!
  • But with me and such as me it is different.
  • And such a veldt as it was here.
  • And such conversation!
  • And such were the spectacles before me.
  • And such a entertainment as this!
  • And such a despotism!
  • And such she proved to be.
  • And such is the case now.
  • And such was the case.
  • And such are treasures in heaven.
  • And such delightful ones!
  • And such a pretty gentleman too!
  • And the terms were thus and such.
  • And such was really the case.
  • And such delightful prints as they are!
  • And such reclamations are not so rare.
  • And such a fine father!
  • And such splendid articles as they are!
  • Such a shape and such eyes!
  • And such nice people too!
  • And such a love-pair!
  • And such knowledge of things!
  • And such a good position!
  • And such was virtually the case.
  • And such service is possible for all.
  • And such he seemed to be indeed.
  • Such a woman and such a tongue!
  • And such a kind husband!
  • And such a pathetic cry.
  • And such proved to be the case.
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