And Tears In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Tears | And Tears Sentence

  • Laughter and tears and kisses!
  • But why these wails and tears and whines?
  • Shall all these years and tears be unavailing?
  • And tears rolled down his cheeks.
  • Of what use are the eyelids and tears?
  • He clutches it and tears it open.
  • Laughter and tears were contending in her eyes.
  • Then prayers and tears assist me.
  • It had ended in disaster and tears.
  • Keep her from harm and tears and care!
  • He rushes to her and tears off the tendril.
  • Abbot takes and tears it open.
  • Sobs and tears broke her voice.
  • And tears were sometimes a relief.
  • Her humblest mirth and tears.
  • He left it full of agony and tears.
  • The hymn was accompanied with moans and tears.
  • From women he seeks sympathy and tears.
  • He looked up and tears lay on his cheeks.
  • And thereupon her sobs and tears redoubled.
  • Oh gleanings of kindness in dreams and tears!
  • It costs blood and years and tears.
  • She started up and tears gathered in her eyes.
  • Her voice was full of worry and tears.
  • The less my sighs and tears prevail.
  • And tears take sunshine from thine eyes!
  • Biddy cried again, between laughter and tears.
  • Blushes and tears; a reporter at large.
  • Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness.
  • Her voice broke and tears started from her eyes.
  • She will probably repent her folly in sadness and tears.
  • She turned away blinded with rage and tears.
  • I merely pressed his hand in silence and tears.
  • No more screams and tears over broken chiny dolls!
  • Kenny laughed aloud and tears stung at his eyes.

How To Use And Tears In A Sentence?

  • I vowed, between laughter and tears.
  • The sobs and tears stopped as suddenly as they had begun.
  • Her kiss was a blinding whirlwind of flame and tears!
  • I saw this, and tears choked my utterance.
  • He was softened, and tears stood in his eyes.
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