And Thought In A Sentence

How To Use And Thought In A Sentence?

  • So being and thought are excluded from absolute unity.
  • We looked at it and thought it was too large for us.
  • Madeleine put her hand to her head and thought.
  • He read much and thought much.
  • Night after night he lay and thought of her in wonder.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Thought | And Thought Sentence

  • Daisy studied and thought.
  • He meant and thought it.
  • They acted and thought as she did.
  • He paused and thought that over.
  • Britten frowned and thought.
  • I frowned at that and thought it over.
  • I sat down and thought it out.
  • He thought and thought.
  • Hetty thought and thought.
  • And thought it sport.
  • Again he sat down and thought.
  • Out of my life and thought.
  • She stood and thought about it.
  • Kostuilin thought and thought.
  • I rubbed my chin and thought about it.
  • He not only copied but he remembered and thought.
  • Bill dropped into a chair and thought.
  • Kellson sat down in his chair and thought.
  • She hoped and thought he would.
  • I lay there and thought of nothing.
  • He stood on the bank and thought.
  • Whitney nodded and thought for a few moments.
  • Kitty colored and thought for a moment.
  • They smiled and thought it natural.
  • Malone blinked and thought for a second.
  • It was time and thought and consideration.
  • Thus inspired he thought and thought.
  • Labor and thought became friends.
  • Wargrave halted and thought hard.
  • All through the evening he sat and thought.
  • She lay still and thought.
  • This costs time and thought.
  • Love and thought are not diminished by diffusion.
  • Each burning deed and thought!
  • All night long he tossed and thought.
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