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Definition of Anecdotes

plural of anecdote

How To Use Anecdotes In A Sentence?

  • Any number of delightful examples of this English stolidity are the anecdotes of Europe.
  • In the writings of the Ettrick Shepherd, many curious anecdotes of Scottish sheep are given.
  • He was a fluent talker and had spent many hours detailing to her incidents and anecdotes of his eventful career.
  • Perhaps this is the best place to introduce a sheaf of miscellaneous unpublished anecdotes which have been drawn together from various sources.
  • Faces are rarely true to any ideal type, but are a record in sculpture of a thousand anecdotes of whim and folly.
  • There are many anecdotes in this book not included in this list, which gives however, the principal.
  • These anecdotes illustrate the truth that recreation is a necessary part of life, and may be engaged in with the highest object.
  • There are anecdotes hinging, however, on animals which have more to do with man than the other mammals referred to in the little story.
  • The best anecdotes of this force are to be had from savage life, in explorers, soldiers, and buccaneers.
  • One can, possibly, discover similar anecdotes in the lives of other men of genius and of men who thought they had genius.
  • So much, then, as to one cause for the scantiness in this self-memoir of expected spicy anecdotes and perilous revelations.
  • That such a change took place at this period appears from several anecdotes interspersed in Arabic works.
  • Willersley would decline towards illuminating anecdotes that I capped more or less loosely from my private reading.
  • And, generally, it may be laid down as a rule, that all collectors of happy retorts and striking anecdotes are careless of truth.
  • Dr. Blake has enriched it with curious anecdotes of domestic animals, and of the best way of raising and selling them.
  • Their History.= With Anecdotes of Famous Taverns and Remarkable Characters.
  • Among the anecdotes told of Handel's passion is one growing out of the composer's peculiar sensitiveness to discords.
  • No ordinary-sized volume, much less a short article, could give a tithe of the true anecdotes of members of the dog race.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Anecdotes | Anecdotes Sentence

  • Many anecdotes of them could be collected.
  • Thus end the anecdotes of Buckthorne and his friends.
  • The Choicest Anecdotes and Sayings.
  • The anecdotes in this book will clearly show facts of this nature.
  • Some other such anecdotes might be added, but this is enough.
  • This biographer gives some curious anecdotes of his school days.
  • A few more anecdotes about literary men and things may here find place.
  • With Anecdotes of its Famous Coffee-houses, Hostelries, and Taverns.
  • The anecdotes in this chapter were told me by one of Burton's friends.
  • We have in these anecdotes a key to the nature of Bunyan's genius.

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