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  • Angelico Dulcert of Majorca draws a Portulano.
  • March, you are like Fra Angelico at Fiesole, painting on plaster!
  • Attavante, the pupil of Fra Angelico, was employed to illuminate the MSS.
  • Angelico
  • The Baroness Melkweyser studied the Menu, Paul Angelico
  • os olhos fitos no rosto angelico da filhinha adormecida.
  • so said the blessed Angelico, who saw them.
  • Division of labour, don't you see; Fra Angelico, Fra Diavolo.'

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  • Another famous mixture of periods occurs in a picture of the Crucifixion, by Fra Angelico.
  • The life of Angelico was almost entirely spent in the endeavor to imagine the beings belonging to another world.
  • Fra Angelico painted pictures for the world to marvel over, while some humbler brother pored over his illuminating.
  • Fra Angelico, the painter-monk, was given the work of covering its white walls with the frescoes in which the monks delighted.
  • It was as if, having attuned his taste to the refinement of a Japanese print, he had been called upon to admire a Fra Angelico.
  • But you should see the pictures of our holy Father Angelico, to whom the angels appeared constantly; for so blessed was the life he lived, that it was more in heaven than on earth.
  • Of the pictures of the early part of the fifteenth century, none are more worthy of attention in this collection than those of Fra Angelico of Fiesole.
  • The Italian monk Angelico, in spite of his monastic limitations, succeeded in a most graceful rendering of the figure, and a charming delicacy in the forms of the hands.
  • Thus Giotto or Fra Angelico would have at once admitted theologically that God was too good to be painted; but they would always try to paint Him.
  • He falls into a revery, from which he is aroused by the poet Angelico Orchys, who rises, glass in hand, and in fluent verse proposes the health of the betrothed couple.
  • There is one, among the four pictures ascribed to Fra Angelico in this collection, from which something of the heavenly purity, the sweetness, and the tenderness of this great and gentle master may be learned.
  • And Charlie thought the Fra Angelico angel was not half so bright and beautiful as the one who looked back at him out of a pale-blue cloud, as Rose went upstairs as if on wings.
  • Paul Angelico Orchis, a conceited little versifier, (lauded in the Blanktown Gazette as 'the first lyric poet of modern times') and the possessor of a dyspepsia acquired at the expense of others.
  • Orgagna, the Michel Angelo of his time, (one of his pictures is at Manchester,) was opening a wider field for her progress; and ten years after his death Fra Angelico was born.
  • The German artists adorning it contrive to blend the styles of Giotto, Fra Angelico, Egypt, and Byzance, not without force and a kind of intense frozen pietism.
  • It is astonishing, when we remember that Nicola was older than Cimabue, Giovanni than Giotto, Ghiberti than Fra Angelico, that the painters did not learn from the sculptors more of the actual appearance of things.
  • Working a little at the short best time of the day with him, he managed, long before his full recovery, to paint a small picture which better critics than I have thought worthy of Angelico, I will attempt to describe it.
  • The best Peruginos share this merit, so do, in a different manner, the works of Beato Angelico, whose wonderful faces deserve their gold background.
  • I shall refer to them in future, in general terms, as the pictures of the "Angelican Ideal"--Angelico being the central master of the school.
  • The gentle happiness of the redeemed, as represented by the blessed Frate Angelico is absent from the scene--it could not appear without destroying the unities of the tragedy.
  • To all this he answered nothing further than what Erminia had once told me, 'You are not over wise, Fra Angelico,' and continued polishing up the locks and barrel of his rifle, and puffing the blue smoke of his cigar through his fair moustachios.
  • A fit of unjust anger, petty malice, unreasonable vexation, or dark passion, cannot certainly, in a mind of ordinary sensibility, hold its own in the presence of a good engraving from any work of Angelico, Memling, or Perugino.
  • The influence of passing events was strong upon him: the subtlety of Turner, the spiritual vision of Fra Angelico, the sublime quality of soul (that scorned present reward and dedicated its work to time) of Michelangelo were all far from him.
  • See, here is a Fra Angelico, here a Botticelli, here a Perugino, to your right a Giorgione--all your fellow-guests.
  • Thus, in the treatment of the features of the human face by Francia or Angelico, the shadows are employed only to make the contours of the features thoroughly felt; and to those features themselves the mind of the observer is exclusively directed (that is to say, to the essential characters of the thing represented).
  • In many sacred compositions, living symmetry, the balance of harmonious opposites, is one of the profoundest sources of their power: almost any works of the early painters, Angelico, Perugino, Giotto, etc., will furnish you with notable instances of it.
  • These strange creatures of Perugino's are not supernatural beings in the same sense as are those robed in iridescent, impalpable glory of Angelico; or those others, clothed in more than human muscle and sinew, of the vault of the Sixtine.
  • The afternoon tea has been enjoyed; the ladies have withdrawn to their rooms to "arm themselves for the fray," as Paul Angelico expresses it; the gentlemen have betaken themselves to the billiard-room, where they are playing a game, as they smoke the excellent cigars which Baron Kilary has ordered a lackey to bring them.
  • On the flight of the reigning family the 'Medici books' were bought by the Dominicans at St. Mark's; and they rested for some years in Savonarola's home, stored in the gallery which holds the great choir-books illuminated by Fra Angelico and his companions.
  • And indeed he was anything but a brute this good Signor Angelo, whom owing to a natural tonsure--a rim of black hair still circling his smooth bald head--his friends were wont to nickname Fra Angelico.
  • In 1339, one Angelico Dulcert, of Majorca, made an elaborate map of the world on the principle of the portulano, giving the coast line--at least of the Mediterranean--with remarkable accuracy.
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