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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Angelo | Angelo Sentence

  • Angelo smiled scornfully at that.
  • Angelo is a naughty boy.
  • Angelo will help, too.
  • Angelo says the duke has diabolical skill.
  • Era un angelo, o una sirena?
  • She should this Angelo have married.
  • He glanced at Angelo.
  • Angelo was, or rather is, a very remarkable man.
  • Angelo Cara plucked again at the rug.
  • Michael Angelo obeyed at once this time.
  • It was only Angelo running up the steps to her.
  • But Angelo was a bold adventurer.
  • Michael Angelo died in 1563.
  • And Angelo swaggered back to his companions.
  • Michael Angelo then began all over again and set to work.
  • Michael Angelo promised to send him his plan.
  • Michael Angelo not only created, but he reproduced.
  • Michael Angelo only asked for fifteen ducats a month.
  • Capranica, Angelo, 81.
  • Brunetti, Angelo, 82.
  • Yes, all right, Angelo.
  • Gigi can tell no tales, and Angelo is silent.
  • Decorations by Valenti Angelo.
  • Son of Michel Angelo.
  • Illustrated by Valenti Angelo.
  • Michael Angelo was an engineer as well....
  • But Angelo says men can love two women simultaneously.
  • With a foreword by Frank Angelo.
  • Michael Angelo was in Florence all this time.
  • His name was Angelo Cara.
  • You are a born assimilator, Angelo, do you know that?
  • Michael Angelo was continually at Carrara.
  • It was probably for this that Michael Angelo chose him.

How To Use Angelo In A Sentence?

  • Vanvitelli is the very Michael Angelo of palace-rearing!
  • Angelo, Michael, 48, 182.
  • This payment was made by Michael Angelo.
  • He does not ask Michael Angelo to work for him.
  • Gratefully, Angelo Diotti.
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