Angered In A Sentence

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  • His disappointment had angered him.
  • Her gown angered him.
  • He had angered the count.
  • He was angered now and tigerish.
  • The contents angered him.
  • The fact almost angered her.
  • Is she so angered that no answer is given?
  • The smallness of her voice angered her.
  • Orren was angered and spoke in a booming voice.
  • He was slightly angered when he saw their folly.
  • There was something in his look that angered the girl.
  • It angered her and threw her instantly on the aggressive.
  • The savage irony of this angered Quimbleton.
  • The French with sad and angered looks.
  • The unhappy voice afflicted Ralph, but it also angered him.
  • Schirr's attitude angered her.
  • Rimmon's upbraiding angered him.
  • Hickman's treachery angered me.
  • The man's tone angered me.
  • He could not have asked a question which would have angered her more.
  • The idea of it angered him greatly, and stiffened him against her.
  • The man's words angered him, but he controlled himself.
  • The woman flushed deeper than ever, an angered pride this time in her heat.
  • This angered the other boy in the dispute, and he called Gordon a liar.
  • She was very effective, but she angered Lepage almost beyond endurance.
  • Oddly enough, Maseden was angered by being thus outcasted, as it were.
  • Sprague's tones, rather than his words, angered Leicester.

How To Use Angered In A Sentence?

  • It was not merely the indiscretion that angered him, it was what the indiscretion implied.
  • He was angered however to find his flame pistols and stunner had been taken away from him.
  • And he at first was almost angered that strangers should intrude upon this last hour of life.
  • Horrible roars and bellows, loud as those of a thousand angered bulls, shattered the air.
  • I have angered thee; and my aunt did especially charge me that I was to treat thee well.
  • It angered them also when they remembered that it was through their instrumentality that the engagement had come to pass.
  • It was a well-known fact at sea and in the ports where the ships touched, and it angered all the fleet.
  • But the man angered him almost beyond words, all the more so because he was mixed up in the affair, of which he felt ashamed.
  • This angered the young woman, exceedingly, and she decided to cut him out of her good graces entirely.
  • She had thought that her appeal to him about her betrothal, would touch him, but instead he was angered by her disobedience to his charge.
  • Dionysius was so angered by his moralizings and philosophical diatribes that he put Plato up to auction in the slave market.
  • The killing of his innocent horse, although the bullet was intended for him, angered him as much as if he had received a wound himself.
  • Even that suggestion, which was entirely reasonable, angered him, and he felt furious and ashamed of himself for being so angered.

Definition of Angered

Having been made angry. | simple past tense and past participle of anger
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