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  • Bony hard, they flaunted their angles at every move....
  • As I went my head projected at right angles to my body.
  • But now unlovely do I seem Polluted by some angles new.
  • And the thre angles of euerye triangle are equill also to ij.
  • Two equal axes and one of different length, all at right angles to each other.
  • Eighteenth week, discomfort shown by depressing angles of mouth (149).
  • L"-shaped, with a front on two streets at right angles to each other.
  • There are many angles to this case, and I can't attend to all of them at once.

How To Use Angles In A Sentence?

  • At each of the four angles of the tower is an octagonal turret with crocketed spire.
  • The handlebars were slewed around until they stood at right angles to the machine.
  • These could be adjusted to what angles were needed by turning countersunk screw bolts.
  • An electric fire burned cheerily in one corner and at right angles to it was a couch.
  • At right angles to the entrance, a narrow corridor ran lengthwise down the middle of the cabin.
  • Two axes at right angles, and a third at right angles to one of these, but inclined to the other.
  • Without, the chapel wall, buttressed and lofty, extended at right angles to it.
  • I was coming home to-day, up a road which ran approximately at right angles to main fire trenches.
  • And then haue I made three angles vpon that one touch line, and in y^t one point F, and those iij.
  • At right angles with that street ran a main intersecting road from South Gate to North Gate.
  • Here and there the bends of the river crossed at such angles as to enclose a lake-like expanse of water.
  • There were great possibilities in the fact that two persons connected with it from different angles were in conversation.
  • And in all these positions the hand should always be at right angles with the reins; you then have the play of all the joints.
  • When his father discovered what he was doing he was attempting to demonstrate that the sum of the angles of a triangle equals two right angles.
  • When almost perpendicular the sleeper toppled and crashed sidewise across other tracks at right angles to its course.
  • A narrow passage at right angles led them into another corridor, and here the same thing was repeated.
  • Every crystal can be imagined to have its faces and angles arranged in a definite way around one of these systems of axes.
  • In spite of the great distance we could distinguish the projecting turrets, apparently suspended from the angles of the edifice.
  • Three equal axes in the same plane intersecting at angles of 60 deg., and a fourth at right angles to all of these.
  • They were both firing at him, the angles of attack converging, so that if one missed him the other would probably get him.
  • Their rooms they liked of many shapes, and not at right angles on the corners, nor all on the same dead level of flooring.
  • This circular aisle or cloister is lighted by a series of semicircular-headed windows, which are ornamented at the angles with small columns.
  • The former slinks slowly down the field, sticking close to the cover of a fence running at right angles to the one in which the wires are set.
  • Spreading the former across his knees, he appeared oblivious of all but the lines and figures, yet the angles in his bronze face did not soften.
  • These blades, varying from nine to sixteen inches in length, were fastened at right angles by rivets into wooden shafts.
  • So she had grown plump and pert like a well-fed sparrow, but the care and worry of the new shop had sharpened the angles of her body.
  • Apparently the woman lived nearby, for she started off down a narrow, winding road which ran at right angles to the main highway.
  • When completed, it is intended to consist of a central part, and two wings projecting at right angles from the extremities of the former.
  • Twenty-third week, depression of angles of mouth and cry of distress caused by harsh address (149).
  • There are three dusky spots on the front edge of each wing, and a large cloud at the base of the hind pair towards the hind angles of the wing.
  • And these angles (as you see) are made partly of streght lynes, partly of croken lines, and partly of both together.
  • He could not swim at right angles to it and thus approach the shore directly, but must try gradually to pull to the left, in a long diagonal sweep.

Definition of Angles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of angle | plural of angle
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