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  • Is not angling cruel?
  • And he was angling in the direction of the Lang hill.
  • You see what I was already angling for.
  • So farewell: he's angling for you.
  • I began angling for my little speech, but could not fetch it.
  • They struck southeast at a steady jog, angling away from the river.
  • One morning we saw a team and wagon angling across the Strip toward our place.
  • And yet for weeks I have been angling for him, and I fear to no purpose.

How To Use Angling In A Sentence?

  • She has no lines or fishing-tackle out; she knows well that all angling is in vain.
  • After that he was apt to forget angling and become an absorbed surgeon, and a very able one.
  • Besides, there are those, including our author, who think that angling is a bilateral pastime.
  • An Irishman sitting angling on the brink with an alder pole and a clothes-line.
  • Instinctively angling the torp, Ken sent a nitro-shell at it; and the chance aim was good.
  • Nothing pleases him more than to get out with his guests and assist them in their angling and hunting.
  • She will fool the mature man who is desperately in earnest, while she is angling after some one wealthier or more amusing.
  • While at the table they related every little incident that had befallen them on this their first angling expedition in the new country.
  • Before the words were out of his mouth two men were running back towards the buildings, angling away from each other.
  • He could feel her slipping gradually to the ground and he could not but hold her tighter, and so did exactly what she was angling for.
  • I do not think any objection is made to angling for coarse fish, but permission must be obtained for pike fishing.
  • What pleasure would there be in angling if the fish did not try to get off the hook, but stupidly swallowed it, fly and all?
  • He took an angling course, which would require him to move five or six hundred feet up the river before he reached the water.
  • One would not willingly repeat the comedy of the angling craze, which solemnly stocks rivers with fish in order to pull them out again for pastime.
  • The angling in all this part of the Waveney is extremely good, and the bream and roach are of large size.
  • On either side of a faint trail rose the dreary, angling grotesques of the cactus, and the dried and dead stalks of the soapweed.
  • Then, as if exhausted by the chase, she settled slowly to rest in the white water, her masts angling sharply toward the beach.
  • I cut a chip of wood from my angling pole, and shaped it in the form of a kernel of the Peruvian yap bean.
  • Into the entire figure ran numerous tiny rivulets of angry crimson and orange light, angling in interwoven patterns with never a curve nor arching.
  • The soil of the greater part of the river-beds is vested in the Crown, therefore angling is free to the public.
  • O, Sir, doubt not that angling is an art: is it not an art to deceive a trout with an artificial fly?
  • I have sat in the shade at the heads of the rivers angling and spent as much time in taking the fish off the hook as in waiting for their taking it.
  • Some men, said a man before the Swindon Guardians, take up angling in order to go into the country to enjoy a smoke.
  • He spent no time in angling to get into sympathetic touch with them, but with the precision of a bullet he made direct for the conscience of every man and woman there.
  • As a teacher of practical angling in Scotland, we look on Mr Stoddart to be without a rival or equal.
  • The plant is a bush or small tree with half a dozen or more branches angling upward from the trunk, and twisting a little towards it, from which feature it takes its name.
  • Then, instead of taking the stairway that led up the front to the second floor and his office, he strode down the hallway to the left, angling through the shop on the first floor.

Definition of Angling

(fishing) present participle of angle | A form of fishing, with a rod, line and angle (hook) for recreation or sport.
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