Angry In A Sentence

How To Use Angry In A Sentence?

  • She was angry with herself that she had allowed herself to become so interested in him.
  • She rose and walked up and down the room in an excitement like that of an angry lioness.
  • With ashes on her head, wept with the passion of an angry grief.
  • She had taken her hands from his shoulders; there was an angry flush on her cheeks.
  • How angry the mild menagerist used to be at the ladies in the monkey-room with their parasols!
  • Wickersham, without looking at him, made an angry gesture and hastened his step.
  • He was angry with himself to find that he was thinking now of success merely as Wealth.
  • Still he received no reply; and, angry that he had written, he took no further steps about it.
  • Grace arose, an angry flush on her face, and barely acknowledging his greeting, turned to go.
  • I had an opportunity to express to Colonel Smith my angry disgust at such savagery.
  • That Rosamond had tactfully ignored to speak of its absence made her more angry at Elinor.
  • Nothing has happened in our house to astound me more than the angry passions it kindled in two of our friends who are clergymen.
  • With an angry word he threw all the eggs on the ground, and then went on whistling and kicking up the dust.
  • Both parties were so angry that thoughtful men soon began to see that war alone could end this bitter dispute.
  • The westerly swell rolled its interminable angry lines of foam and big dark clouds flew over the ship in a sinister procession.
  • The station-master and the guard kept up a brisk and angry conversation, which ended in an imperious wave of the hand to the engine-driver.
  • Only when the sun had set would it arise with an angry roar, shake the door of its cage, and terrify the silence of the night.
  • The Alligator was very angry at missing his prey a second time, and determined not to let him escape again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Angry | Angry Sentence

  • He was angry clear through.
  • Keith was angry in a moment.
  • They seemed to be very angry about something.
  • Like the horns of an angry bull.
  • This made him very angry all day.
  • She was suddenly passionately angry with herself.
  • Gray stared across at him in angry bewilderment.
  • The words of angry defence faltered on his tongue.
  • She broke off with a very faint primly angry smile.
  • He had never heard before the hum of an angry crowd.
  • At length His Majesty grew angry at the delay.
  • Don't be angry about my note.
  • He thought she was angry because he had refused to tell her his secret.
  • He was half angry with himself that it kept rising in his mind.
  • The angry flush faded from his cheeks as quickly as it had come.
  • How soothingly it sounded amidst the rough contention of angry men.
  • His hand went to the breast of his threadbare coat with an angry clutch.
  • He waited and watched her, an angry light coming into his eyes.
  • There was a rustling in the bushes, an angry exclamation as well as a groan.
  • Jones fired, but he was too angry to shoot straight, and his shot went wild.
  • The Singh Rajah is so angry he will certainly kill us at once.
  • Fisher lost no time in angry remorse over Cradock's disaster.

Definition of Angry

Displaying or feeling anger. | (said about a wound or a rash) Inflamed and painful. | (figuratively, said about the elements, like the sky or the sea) Dark and stormy, menacing.
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