Anguished In A Sentence

Definition of Anguished

Feeling anguish; experiencing extreme discomfort or discontent. | simple past tense and past participle of anguish

How To Use Anguished In A Sentence?

  • He was physically anguished for her, and the man who loved her was the very brother of his bones.
  • In the days of slavery they furnished an outlet for aching hearts and anguished souls.
  • He appeared to be suffering everywhere, in each anguished muscle, in each sick nerve.
  • Then shame swept over her and held her numb, Hiding her anguished face against the seat.
  • Blood spurted and he let out an anguished yell, then Rick put a foot in his stomach and heaved.
  • You should have seen their anguished faces when Jimmie and I mentioned three months!
  • For time can not erase The echo of her anguished cries, The memory of her face.
  • But King Amfortas bowed his anguished head, And held his wound all broken out afresh.
  • Now the picture of youth and age confronting each other was of the sybil dealing inexorable hurts and youth anguished in the face of them.
  • She never forgot that long night of travel, more poignant than all her anguished journeyings that had preceded it.
  • And the cold walls of his stone cell echoed such an anguished and despairing groan as is seldom wrung from the breast of mortal man.
  • Then, with an anguished breath of relief, he stopped swimming and looked down at the face upon his arm.
  • Barclay's hand went across his anguished face, to try and shut out the horrible sight.
  • His visit had done no good, had given no heart to the anguished woman or roused no flicker of life in the failing man.
  • It was a blinding tempest of long-frustrate desire that heaved at me, surging appallingly behind me like an anguished mob.
  • The music cried out in sudden anguished longing, then broke in discords, like shrieks for vengeance.
  • Before he could turn to look at her anguished face the house shook, and an atmospheric tremor seemed to pass over the town.
  • She had lost count of time, but was agonizedly aware of its passage; she seemed to stand there in that anguished stupor for centuries.
  • Lamme opened wide eyes and his mouth wider still and looked at Ulenspiegel with an anguished distress.
  • Faint and trembling, he gazed down upon her as they strolled along, compelling her soft eyes to meet his anguished ones.
  • But, before she had time to reiterate the anguished cry, he reappeared, pale and drenched, on the opposite bank.
  • She sat in an anguished silence, her eyes wide, her face pale, and waited for the end of this strange business.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Anguished | Anguished Sentence

  • Pouring in floods into my anguished heart.
  • Suddenly all was hushed by an anguished moan.
  • Quimbleton spoke with anguished remorse.
  • His hand went across his anguished face.
  • His anguished eyes and quivering lips were convincing.
  • The mother was speaking with anguished entreaty to Elsie.
  • Jessie turned an anguished glance back at me over her shoulder.
  • The tenor rose to his feet with the howl of an anguished hyena.
  • It seemed an indecency to scan the anguished page of her face.
  • There was a sharp, anguished cry from the other end of the line.
  • His breath pumped in and out of his lungs in short, anguished gulps.
  • She understood quite well the almost anguished longing which filled his heart.
  • With anguished eyes he peered into the future, and wrung his hands impotently.
  • Jeems Henry lifted his anguished eyes and gazed truthfully at his mistress.
  • In anguished cries of love, but unsubdued By baser throbbings.
  • She tried to shrink back--then gave an anguished squeal.
  • Mrs. Sorel's anguished eyes saw that she looked pale and excited.
  • Well--blood, and tears, and anguished War!

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