Animals In A Sentence

How To Use Animals In A Sentence?

  • Unquestionably they understood each other, and cats are animals of discrimination.
  • Never have my ears been smitten with the snarl and growl of wild animals at bay.
  • Without them he could not manage to carry home the animals he kills for food and clothing.
  • The ingenious way in which he introduced strange animals into his menagerie is worthy of notice.
  • The few people in the northern part go there to hunt the animals for furs and to find gold.
  • Her horse became frightened by one of the animals in the circus, and he caught it and stopped it.
  • You remember our division of hunting, into hunting after swimming animals and land animals?
  • The first time she went out, the two animals were locked up in her bed-chamber.
  • Where, then, is the real and proper sin in the inferior animals to justify their sufferings?
  • Some of these animals so closely resemble the domestic animals that they are said to belong to the same family.
  • His discoveries of the structure of molluscous and other animals of the obscurer orders are perhaps eclipsed by his researches in osteology.
  • The latter began to fall to pieces before all the transport was over, some animals occasionally falling off into the water.
  • The manners and customs of our various transport animals would form an interesting study in natural history.
  • The horse and dog referred to, were the first animals on which this ingenious person tried his skill.
  • To make birds and other animals relate their stories has been done sometimes, and generally with success.
  • They therefore unhesitatingly assume that the rest of the bones in the bodies of these extinct animals corresponded to those of living mammals.
  • There are anecdotes hinging, however, on animals which have more to do with man than the other mammals referred to in the little story.
  • In p. 467 it is remarked that "her love of animals formed quite a feature in her daily habits.
  • In the same ground you are surprised to find so many living animals in one herd, from the most opposite parts of the habitable globe.
  • In the sham battles our pet animals (we each had one) did duty for retainers, much to their bewilderment.
  • He continues, that it is in the torrid tracts, inhabited by barbarians, that animals are found with instinct so nearly approaching reason.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Animals | Animals Sentence

  • Name some animals of each zone.
  • Many of these animals are very useful to us.
  • These animals all live on vegetable food.
  • But are tame animals ever hunted?
  • Some of these animals live near the homes of men.
  • Both animals stood like statues, regarding him intently.
  • George Wilson was very fond of animals too.
  • The plants and animals are much like those of Mexico.
  • He is one of the best gaited animals I ever rode.
  • What plants and animals live in North America?
  • Many of the Frigid Zone animals are covered with heavy fur.
  • Write a list of all the kinds of animals that you have ever seen.
  • The hunting of animals who live in the water has the general name of fishing.
  • Oh heav'n and earth, what animals are women!
  • What do you know of the people, the plants and the animals of this region?
  • Then let us divide the hunting of tame animals into two parts.
  • I looked around, but could see nothing of the animals that uttered them.
  • They killed the wild animals for food, using the skins for clothing.
  • Under all things, I include you and me, and also animals and trees.

Definition of Animals

plural of animal
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