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  • This was for the animals to be placed in.
  • Motor-cars are strange animals to them.
  • What had these animals to eat while on the journey?
  • The scale of being proceeds from animals to man.
  • The animals to walk two by two (all blue) into the ark.
  • Animals to kill.
  • There were no animals to be devoured by the carnivorous beasts.
  • The adaptation of the covering of animals to the climates in which they live.
  • And so the men tried to coax the animals to the edge of the cliff.
  • This trench was not wide enough for pack-animals to pass in it.
  • The relations of plants and animals to the atmosphere are therefore inverse.
  • She took long trips into the country to find animals to sketch.
  • During the night we provided a good heavy smudge for the animals to stand in.
  • Some one of the wagons would have to be left for lack of animals to draw it.
  • They keep the carbon and make that fit for us and animals to eat.
  • They urged the animals to a rapid pace, she following him eagerly.
  • It took a great many little birds and little animals to satisfy his appetite.
  • The ice, exceedingly compact, enabled these animals to draw the sledge easily.
  • I prepared an Essy on Animals to read before the Social Science meetins.

How To Use Animals To In A Sentence?

  • Nor dare he stop again and subject the animals to the cruel effort of restarting.
  • It had collapsed into the water, but there was enough of it to allow animals to cross.
  • Warmth aroused the animals to activity, but when the temperature dropped they again hibernated.
  • Add something belonging to animals to the animals themselves, and make a lantern.
  • He is fond of blood and kills great numbers of animals to satisfy his unconquerable thirst.
  • He conducted the two animals to a long room that seemed half bedchamber and half loft.
  • God had need of the other animals to use appearances, but of us to observe and study appearances.
  • A little sharp experience led both classes of animals to regard the intruders as deadly enemies.
  • If we want wool from the sheep, we select the best-fleeced animals to breed from.
  • Where, then, is the real and proper sin in the inferior animals to justify their sufferings?
  • The Egyptians certainly did not believe the worship of animals to have been a late innovation.
  • And to-day reminded her of that long-ago circus day, with even more animals to look at!
  • You must, moreover, be able to manage your animals to the best advantage in such bad places.
  • The following morning Man commanded the two animals to go to the field to plough in his stead.
  • In many parts of the South the farmers use very small plows and small animals to draw them.
  • Men and animals to be given "a breather" (soluk molasi) after passing through difficult ground.
  • We cannot argue confidently from the struggle for existence among the lower animals to our own species.
  • They are rather comical animals to watch feeding and going about the ordinary business of their lives.
  • Were these animals to make preparations themselves in this respect, how could things be more appropriate?
  • They were forced to use the speed of the animals to make a show of greater force than they really had.
  • Animals to which spirits have been given in their food digest nearly one-half less than other animals of the kind.
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