Animosity In A Sentence

Definition of Animosity

Violent hatred leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike.

How To Use Animosity In A Sentence?

  • The distinctions which we have reformed from animosity to emulation may be even useful to the cause of religion.
  • The friendly intercourse with the one never had the slightest effect in changing its animosity to others.
  • With mutual animosity they darted towards each other, and the next moment were engaged in a terrific combat.
  • They have exposed me to the animosity of both parties by presenting the widow and son of Favras to me.
  • This was the second time that, in the midst of the most regular and wise behaviour, his animosity had spurted out.
  • Mutual animosity had been worked to a height of indignant passion by a barbarous massacre of prisoners on both sides, each in view of the other.
  • That he was working up his animosity against the half-caste, and that the explosion might come any time, was apparent to all.
  • It is evident, too, that she presents it to him as a peace-offering, and as a sign that all animosity is at an end between them.
  • The insurgents felt a special animosity against lawyers, whom they considered mercenary instruments in the hands of the nobles for oppressing them.
  • If a respectable person is arrested, as one suspected of animosity towards the government, he simply disappears.
  • However great the animosity against him, party rage cannot withstand your demand, without violating the law of nations.
  • The animosity spread to the miners who had lacked the nerve to volunteer, and all sorts of wild rumors passed among the crowd.
  • Englishmen find it hard to understand what seems to them the bigoted and senseless animosity of the rival faiths in Ireland.
  • It provoked, by its gradual development, the animosity of the opponents of Buddha's doctrines.
  • His chance was poor; though I had no more animosity towards him than a virulent disease has against the victim it lays low.
  • Between Spain and her descendants, however, animosity endured for many years after they had thrown off the parental yoke.
  • The surest method to arouse the suspicion, dislike and animosity of China is deliberately to keep your affairs shrouded in mystery.
  • I think it is probable that there may be some animosity still existing among some of the people of the South. . . .
  • Though he had suspected her from the first, he had never nourished any bitter animosity against Lady Mildred.
  • Whoever raises it hereafter, if it be not decided now, must expect to meet the deadly animosity which is displayed toward the North.
  • I knew that the bitter animosity which had been long growing between the North and South had even then broken into open hostilities.
  • I tried to explain to Sir Michael that the gentleman against whom he seemed to nourish some feeling of animosity could not be in any way his foe.
  • In the local paragraphs, we note several indicating a strong feeling of animosity between the Scotch and English borderers.
  • But the nerves of the audience were shaken and their state of mind manifested itself in unjust animosity toward certain fighters or by profound silence.
  • I was astonished at the animosity showing in the eyes of these two men who had never seen each other until a few minutes ago and who had no real cause of quarrel.
  • An Arab is a good hater, especially if the object of his animosity be a Christian dog, an unbeliever.
  • To the political rivalry to which this disparity gave rise was added the personal animosity of the two queens, Frédégonde and Brunehaut.
  • I told her all with ingenuity, even as it is written here; and when she had heard me out, she pondered, and I could see her animosity fall.
  • But I cherish no scintilla of hatred or animosity toward the German people as individuals, who will be the real victims of the war.
  • By so doing he not only aroused the animosity of the disappointed but stimulated that of the otherwise disaffected as well, until both the aggrieved factions began to plot rebellion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Animosity | Animosity Sentence

  • The people have no animosity whatever to strangers.
  • How odious an animosity which pauses not at the grave!
  • The multitude felt its vengeful animosity against the bull vanish.
  • To this animosity of party warfare he fell a victim a few years previously.
  • Six years had eradicated every tinge of animosity for that shove on the sand.
  • But still more bitter was their animosity against religious Liberalism.
  • His animosity was so great he would have scratched Barellan had he dared.
  • One felt there was a latent animosity between the English and the Russians.
  • Nevertheless, he was quite free from animosity to Lord Alfred.
  • It was against her that the author's animosity was chiefly directed.

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