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  • The effect of this announcement is startling.
  • Such is the unexpected announcement of the catalogue.
  • Gyuri received the announcement with delight.
  • The following is some account of the announcement of 1849.
  • There was occasion for public announcement in such matters.
  • At this announcement came another cry.
  • This announcement was a great blow to the revolutionists.
  • Oh, yes, the announcement of his death.
  • This announcement again filled Apafi with embarrassment.
  • The catalogue announcement of No. 129 startled us.
  • The effect of this announcement on the poor man was tremendous.
  • For some moments after his announcement neither of the women spoke.
  • The hush which followed his announcement was far more eloquent than words.
  • Truth to tell, this announcement of his had utterly crushed me.
  • While making this announcement the young man was white and terribly agitated.
  • When the announcement was made, there was a slight advance in bonds.
  • In truth, no one observed it, because there was no such announcement there.
  • The announcement of Norman's trouble had come to him like a thunder-clap.

How To Use Announcement In A Sentence?

  • Usually after this announcement she would hang up the receiver and go about her work.
  • It was with no small pleasure that he heard the announcement of his visit the next morning.
  • This tremendous announcement quite eclipsed the court-martial as an object of popular interest.
  • The announcement of the intention of Government was received with general satisfaction.
  • My heart sank within me, for the announcement seemed to mean that I had lost my passage.
  • The mere announcement of the transfer was a stunning blow to the North Country.
  • Her announcement was greeted by a murmur of approval from the women present, all except Mrs. Day.
  • In the County Club at Tralee, the announcement was received with something like a panic.
  • At length the announcement of tea and coffee in the cedar parlor roused all hands from this temporary torpor.
  • He returned fifteen minutes later with the announcement that the king would receive them in his field quarters immediately.
  • One warm summer night when bed-time came she made the announcement that she was going upstairs to sleep in the big room.
  • Whereas, if he happened to win, the announcement of his victory would be all the more impressive, coming unexpectedly.
  • This announcement caused considerable surprise, and a committee was moved for, to ascertain which of the bodies had more or less than his share.
  • That ennui hung heavily on his hands was manifested by the announcement during the summer that Churchill had taken up painting as a pastime.
  • A group of urchins, stationed at the door, distributed handbills to the curious, containing the same announcement in bold type.
  • At this announcement Mary heard something between a sigh and a groan and turning, saw a rosy-cheeked boy in the doorway.
  • So ran the newspaper posters in the streets at midday of December 16th, 1914, an announcement grim with historical import.
  • The screen announcement and expectant stir that greeted it caught her attention, and pulled her back from the whirl of conjecture into which she had been plunged.
  • Her tone would have suited the announcement that she was prepared to undergo martyrdom; and she sank into a chair in an attitude of graceful exhaustion.
  • Frank started a tour of inspection with the an announcement that he would gather whatever firearms he could find and make sure there were no pirates in the fort.
  • This concluding sentence was uttered with an animation and excitement, which the mere announcement of an abstract moral sentiment could hardly account for.
  • Whatever may be the cause, it is well known that the announcement at any private rural entertainment that there is to be ice-cream produces an immediate and profound impression.

Definition of Announcement

An act of announcing, or giving notice. | That which conveys what is announced. | The content which is announced.
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