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  • At last the annual harvest-home came round.
  • Congress voted him an annual pension of $30,000.
  • Well, gentlemen, it was the time of the annual fair.
  • The annual absorption of gold by India is very great.
  • All annual memberships shall begin October 1st.
  • Do you know, I send him an annual every year?
  • But we paid for two Annual Reports.
  • The organization of the annual meeting is said to be only advisory.
  • An annual examination of the members of the classes would be held.
  • The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs, for 1861.
  • At this time the annual consumption of cotton was about 77,000,000 lb.
  • The annual rent previous to this new arrangement had risen to L100.
  • The average annual production in India approximates to 3,000,000 bales.
  • The alumni of Straight held their annual business meeting on Tuesday evening.
  • After the annual meeting, I went to Birmingham and stayed a short while.
  • Average Annual Consumption of Cotton in the Period 1900-1905.
  • San Francisco, West, Chinese M. O., 3; Annual Members, 8.

How To Use Annual In A Sentence?

  • This committee is to nominate the officers which will be elected at our next annual meeting.
  • There are 18,000 students at college in order to supply an annual output of 1,935 graduates.
  • The annual slaughter from typhus far exceeds that of war; but right drainage destroys typhus.
  • Or how the fish outbuilt her shell, Painting with morn each annual cell?
  • The sum of $25,000,000, instead of being paid in cash, was to be paid in five annual installments.
  • Yet his annual salary was fixed at but $2500, as compared with the $4000 paid to Dutton.
  • The average annual number of American suicides in June is 336 and in December 217.
  • It was a poor sort of a public man in those days who could not have his wallet lined with railroad annual passes.
  • Several state and local conferences have passed resolutions in favor of one annual meeting for all our six missionary societies.
  • A list of isolated members is kept, and persons elected by the annual meeting conduct a correspondence with these brethren.
  • For a long term of years up to 1870 the road had paid its ten per cent annual dividend with astonishing regularity.
  • Its annual expenses were paid from the royal revenues, so that its maintenance depended absolutely upon the good-will of the governor.
  • As I have said, Captain Donovan sails on the annual trip to Karo-Karo at daylight to-morrow.
  • They would give him pre-emption rights over land estimated to be worth twenty thousand pounds and an annual allowance of fifteen hundred dollars.
  • When, some five years ago, work on this annual was first commenced, the military aviator was an idle dream.
  • He had not the gift of sonorous eloquence which they possess, and he never figured conspicuously as an orator at the annual sessions of Congress.
  • Herbert Spencer tells in his autobiography of this incident that he met with while on one of his annual trips to Scotland.
  • The Annual Report shall be sent to only those members who have paid their dues for the current year.
  • In every case of mandate, the mandatory shall render to the Council an annual report in reference to the territory committed to its charge.
  • Uniform and boots are provided by the Department for the postmen and telegraph messengers, at an annual cost of about L2,000.
  • There was barely enough money in the treasury to pay for the 42nd Annual Report, which should have been billed the preceding year.
  • I had hard work getting three officers to accompany me, because the police just then were having their annual inspection and parade and all wanted to be present.
  • Both Hickman and myself supported Mabel in defence of the annual fetes at Nice as being unique in all the world.

Definition of Annual

Happening once every year. | Of, for, or relating to a whole year, often as a recurring cycle; determined or reckoned by the year; accumulating in the course of a year; performed, executed, or completed over the course of a year. See also circannual. | (botany, of a plant) Having a life cycle that is completed in only one growing season; e.g. beans, corn, marigold. See Annual plant in Wikipedia. Compare biennial, perennial.
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