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  • In these states practically every county has annually from one to five institutes.
  • Many thousands of cattle are fattened annually in this way at remarkably low cost.
  • From half a dozen to twenty wild hogs are annually killed by the people of the pueblo.
  • As there is no very important use for it, large quantities annually go to waste.
  • With such growth, cutting 1000 feet of scion wood annually would be no problem.
  • Does Rome perhaps think the same of all the pious pilgrims that annually crowd Rome?
  • Sir George Wharton (1617-1681) also published an almanac annually from 1641 to 1666.
  • One of these is the Reunion Conference which meets annually at Grindelwald in Switzerland.
  • Dr. Leidy mentions a fungus which must annually carry off myriads of the Seventeen Year Locust.
  • Most people receive with incredulity a statement of the number of birds that annually visit our climate.
  • To tax it annually is exactly equivalent to taxing an agricultural crop 50 times during its growing period.
  • France's consumption of cotton annually in the period 1899-1903 was 215,000 metric tons.
  • With these improvements, millions of bales of cotton would be carried annually on these enlarged canals.
  • Millions upon millions are annually expended in the effort to construct still more deadly and terrible engines of death.
  • Some of these springs are resorted to annually by way of preventative; others are visited as occasion requires.
  • We have been thus elaborate as regards this matter because it is of such general interest to all invalids who annually seek an equable clime.
  • The banana is a herbaceous plant, and after fruiting its top dies; but it annually sprouts up again fresh from the roots.
  • Temperance orators are welcome to make what use they like of the recipe of this awful decoction, annually sold to a confiding population.
  • This vote, when averaged on the same principle, had produced annually one hundred and twenty-eight thousand pounds.
  • Many of these people are miserably poor, and they are annually growing poorer under Persian maladministration.
  • Early as it was, the procession which annually empties London to witness the great race was in motion.
  • Let us follow the ships that sail annually from the Thames bound for the supply of this vast region.
  • Careful calculations indicate that this loss will amount to not less than the enormous sum of $1,100,000,000 annually and probably far more.
  • They readily secure situations, over two thousand applications being annually received for the servants of the Marthashof.
  • In some parts of Brittany hollows are found in tombstones above graves, and these are annually filled with holy water or libations of milk.
  • The tree bears annually a large seed-pod, packed with cotton of a soft, silky texture, and hence its name.
  • I have trees of the Li and Lang varieties which bear annually and have never been bothered by insects or disease.
  • The province of Zaria alone is estimated to produce annually 30,000 to 40,000 bales, all of which is used locally.
  • Population increased rapidly, thousands of persons emigrating annually from Europe, tempted by the inviting stories of the returned explorers.
  • The valleys are worn by the streams, and, in turn, are built up, leveled, and enriched by the sand and alluvium deposited annually by the floods.
  • In consideration of $190,000.00 annually which was to be paid in monthly installments, Hockaday agreed to put on a weekly mail.
  • We accordingly find that vast numbers of all ranks, and both sexes, clergy as well as laity, annually repaired to the tomb of Christ.
  • So is it with Mexican cotton, which propagates itself, and is not raised annually from the seed, as in our cotton-growing States.

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  • Thousands are annually caught in this manner.
  • These appeared annually from 1804 to 1822.
  • They have borne annually since 1939.
  • Published Annually in November.
  • Hundreds of tons of good timothy hay annually rot down upon the cleared land.
  • This service cost $738,250.00 annually and brought in $229,979.69.
  • Belgravia Annual=, published Annually in NOVEMBER.

Definition of Annually

Once every year without fail, yearly
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