Ant in a sentence πŸ”Š

Short Sentences for Ant

1. So does that ant on the path. πŸ”Š

2. The ant waited for him to eat. πŸ”Š

3. Trouble carefully put the little ant back on the ground. πŸ”Š

4. Grin o ant Ignorant. πŸ”Š

5. The gopher, and squirrel, and the ant went to work. πŸ”Š

6. Wi truert alleen ant Meer. πŸ”Š

7. The Ant and the Mouse. πŸ”Š

8. Gundag jΓΌ Friesen ant dΓΌtsche Meer! πŸ”Š

9. Kallos Ant egcheon hapanton Ant aspidon hapason]. πŸ”Š

10. It was ten minutes before he hunted out the last ant and went on. πŸ”Š

11. On Nanus mounted upon an ant 165 5. πŸ”Š

How to use Ant in Sentences?

1. At that moment he felt as an ant must feel on beholding the approach of a human. πŸ”Š

2. The load was too great for it, and the ant and the grain fell to the ground together. πŸ”Š

3. The ant had control over the mastodon; the pygmy had taken the thunderbolt prisoner. πŸ”Š

4. The ant, also, gave him power to transform himself into an ant in the same way. πŸ”Š

5. We used to watch the ants, too, and I regret to say that we used to feed them to the ant lions. πŸ”Š