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  • There is no antagonistic feeling against any one.
  • English is a fusion of distant and antagonistic elements.
  • McLean filled with cold, antagonistic wonder.
  • Thyra perceived it and vaguely felt something antagonistic in it.
  • Some of these desires of individuals are strongly antagonistic to society.
  • This is much more polite and less likely to arouse antagonistic feelings.
  • Those who are antagonistic to good works, court the oblivion that awaits them.
  • Friendliness would, at any rate, have blunted antagonistic tendencies.
  • Naturalism as Antagonistic to Religion 263 Sect.

How To Use Antagonistic In A Sentence?

  • It is cruel and hard and unjust in its nature, and utterly antagonistic to civilization.
  • Thus was evolved a system of education in every way antagonistic to that of the Jesuits.
  • How it was that I had aroused such antagonistic feelings in him I could not imagine.
  • It is our own imperfect vision that is bewildered by the union in her of these antagonistic attitudes.
  • It fails, because its authority is antagonistic to morality in that it impedes the search for the true.
  • With us it is checked in its flight by an antagonistic power, which treats it as a harbinger of insanity.
  • One class, which had always been antagonistic to the other, was showing overt symptoms of the harshest tyranny.
  • I concentrated my effort on stirring up the antagonistic attitude, the dislike of the smell of brandy and the aversion to its taste.
  • The suggestion of actions is thus nothing but making use of the antagonistic character in the nervous paths which start from the motor centers.
  • It will have to do away with the absurd notion of the dualism of the sexes, or that man and woman represent two antagonistic worlds.
  • Above all measures, keep the functions of the skin in prime condition; cleanliness is antagonistic to sleeplessness.
  • Switzerland divided into two antagonistic federations of cantons; federal government intervened, and tranquillity was restored.
  • The great antagonistic facts touch each other through a long line of territorial extent, but the ethnic diversity does not permit political union.
  • Marriage and love have nothing in common; they are as far apart as the poles; are, in fact, antagonistic to each other.
  • He therefore turned his attention to the ecclesiastical courts, which from the time of Becket had been antagonistic to royal encroachments.
  • But he impressed and modified music hardly less than Gluck, whose tastes and methods were entirely antagonistic to his own.
  • So much intellect is, perhaps, antagonistic to action, or rather it is averse to those arts by which a soldier climbs to the position of commander.
  • It is only natural that even up to the present time the purely intellectual forces should have maintained an antagonistic attitude toward this knowledge.
  • They had for years been antagonistic to the negroes and had begun to drive them from many of the higher pursuits of labor which they had even from the days of slavery monopolized.
  • Physiological experiments have demonstrated that the activity of those centers which stimulate a certain action reduce the excitability of those brain parts which awaken the antagonistic action.
  • To be suggestible means thus to be provided with a psychophysical apparatus in which new propositions for actions close easily the channels for antagonistic activity.
  • What we experience socially in times of peace is a society in which social feeling is narrow and provincial, in which we are conscious of many antagonistic motives.
  • Wherever a reasonable amount of own will force and attention can be expected to overcome the antagonistic influence, there artificial hypnotic influence ought to be avoided.
  • I may start with a typical case of obsessing ideas of simplest character and with simple routine treatment illustrating the emphasis on antagonistic ideas.
  • I recall one conspicuous instance where such antagonistic views resulted in personal animosity that severed tender personal relations of long standing.
  • The widening circle of prosperity grows weaker as it spreads until the antagonistic forces which it has pushed back are made powerful by compression to resist and finally overwhelm.
  • Her feeling that he was antagonistic to her, which had lapsed while she thought of her family possessions, returned so keenly that she stopped in the middle of her catalog and looked at him.
  • In short the difficulties disappear as soon as we are consistent in interpreting all suggestive influences as changes in the motor setting and as the result of the antagonistic character of all of our motor paths.
  • All nation-wide affiliations of children which in any way cross-section classes or antagonistic interests of any kind tend to create materials out of which patriotic sentiment is made.
  • For if she has the will, she can bring her own life, and that of those affected by her influence, gradually away from the sphere of principles which are antagonistic to our national institutions.
  • If there were no supreme law, then the world would be a scene of universal anarchy, resulting from the eternal conflict of peculiar institutions and antagonistic laws.

Definition of Antagonistic

Contending or acting against. | (biochemistry) Relating to an antagonist
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