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  • From Mesopotamia it passed to Persia, principally in the anthropoid type.

How To Use Anthropoid In A Sentence?

  • This conformation reminds us throughout of the brain of the anthropoid apes.
  • There is a difference of opinion whether anthropoid apes use the right hand in preference to the left.
  • Among the higher mammals polygamy is most common, but permanent unions are formed, especially among the anthropoid apes.
  • Another complete anthropoid sarcophagus from the same site at Sidon has been sent to Constantinople.
  • It accords with what was observed by Darwin in the case of anthropoid apes mentioned above (p. 197).
  • It was so even when our anthropoid ancestors rose to the erect position; that was "progress," and it gained us the use of hands.
  • The accompanying cut (Fig. 29) shows how to make the hand of an anthropoid ape so that it shall be as natural as life.
  • Brilliant plumage has ceased to allure; and, I suspect, the peacock's tail, as much as the anthropoid ape's, is destined to elimination.

Definition of Anthropoid

having characteristics of a human, usually in terms of shape or appearance | having characteristics of an ape | An anthropoid animal.

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