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  • The old Dynasty was profoundly antipathetic to the majority of the country.

How To Use Antipathetic In A Sentence?

  • There was something in this man so antipathetic to me, as sent the mustard into my nose.
  • Now, it is well known that there is nothing more antipathetic to your peasant-boy than your shopboy.
  • It has a right to dislike its mother or father or sister or brother or uncle or aunt if they are antipathetic to it.
  • Within its gates we pass into a new element; and this element is antipathetic to the one-sided development imposed by city life.
  • Prescribing wives for your compatriots is one thing; taking the same prescription is another, and as it happened he was antipathetic to Germans.
  • Used to a separate and individual life, he is forced into contact, day and night, with others not of his own choice, and often antipathetic to him.
  • I believe even she was secretly not heart-broken, for she knew that her father would be antipathetic to the outspoken ladies of Rosedale.
  • It is always easy to admire the heroes and the causes of bygone days; but it is possible to do so and yet be apathetic or antipathetic to those of our own.
  • Physically and morally he had yielded his claim to any share in that province of the sun, that his race had conquered and annexed only to find it antipathetic to its needs.

Definition of Antipathetic

Having or showing a strong aversion or repugnance | Opposed in nature or character; antagonistic | Causing a feeling of antipathy; repugnant

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