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  • Indeed our antiquaries ought to like me.
  • But is it possible that such antiquaries as Drs.
  • The peasant writes ballads, though scholars and antiquaries collect them.
  • If the jealousy of two antiquaries intervenes, the point becomes inexplicable.
  • That Winchester is not Camelot antiquaries have told us often enough.
  • Few antiquaries have shown more enterprise than B----.

How To Use Antiquaries In A Sentence?

  • There is no doubt among antiquaries that they are connected with the burial of the dead.
  • Some insular antiquaries have found a different solution of the ancient proverb.
  • So hard upon poor discoverers are men of science who are not antiquaries in their subject!
  • It is a change, however, that we bookworms and curious antiquaries in nowise relish.
  • This transcript I have shewn to the best antiquaries and critics in the Welsh language now living.
  • It is needless to give further examples, as they must be well known to all antiquaries who have studied the history of seals.
  • To local antiquaries these proceedings are full of interest, while their historical and biographical value is equally great.
  • Do not antiquaries tell us that the extra rib out of which Eve was fashioned was in shape not unlike an ear trumpet?
  • Doubts being entertained as to the Roman character of the work, some local antiquaries caused excavations to be made in the mound.
  • Learned antiquaries regarded this as of Roman construction, although no actual remains had been discovered to attest the truth of the conjecture.
  • A plank-built boat was discovered a few years since in Denmark, which the antiquaries assign to the fifth century.
  • Who can say how many or how few the ages will be ere the time comes when the antiquaries of the future will be rejoicing over equally fragmentary vestiges of the doings and possessions of our day?
  • In both cases of course only fragments of the bronze remain, but they are sufficient to have enabled skilled antiquaries to reconstruct the entire litter and the entire chariot.
  • The date and place of her birth are still matters for conjecture, and until comparatively recent times literary antiquaries were doubtful even as to which century she flourished in.

Definition of Antiquaries

plural of antiquary
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