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Definition of Antiseptic

Of, or relating to antisepsis, or the use of antiseptics. | Capable of preventing microbial infection. | Very clean; aseptic.

How To Use Antiseptic In A Sentence?

  • There is nothing better for dressing the navel than absorbent antiseptic cotton.
  • Whether or not it is formally sinful to use antiseptic ointment before illicit intercourse.
  • A necessary factor in the treatment is the employment of pledgets of antiseptic tow.
  • The introduction of antiseptic and aseptic methods has made him a master in this respect.
  • It is extremely poisonous and in dilute solutions is used as an antiseptic in dressing wounds.
  • If there is a wound, cleanse it and apply antiseptic dressing before putting limb in splints.
  • But some women prefer a weak antiseptic vaginal wash, as they do a weak antiseptic mouth wash.
  • And I don't think antiseptic will hurt the Mekstrom Infection if it's taken place.
  • Next a powerful antiseptic was applied and then fresh white bandages were bound around the injured spot.
  • Some women buy expensive and fantastic syringes and proceed to abuse themselves with strong antiseptic solutions.
  • This is best done by removing the hair from the coronet and soaking the whole foot in a cold antiseptic solution.
  • Get your doctor to tell you what mild antiseptic to use in your nose and throat; and then keep it in stock against future attacks.
  • Mornington was, is incapable of giving himself a hypodermic injection without first taking every necessary antiseptic precaution.
  • By the cold of the bath inflammatory phenomena are held in check, while its added antiseptic prevents the formation of septic discharges.
  • This led to the antiseptic treatment in surgery, which destroys germ life, and leaves the wound absolutely clean.
  • The same kind of distracting and misleading statements were made a few years ago regarding antiseptic mouth-washes, which were similarly condemned.
  • All disinfectants must of necessity be antiseptic in their action, but not all antiseptics are disinfectants, even when used in large amounts.
  • All that is necessary now is an occasional dusting with an antiseptic powder, and, as far as possible, the restriction of movement.
  • Smoking is an antiseptic process and will, therefore, tend to inhibit the action of micro-organisms and produce a slower vulcanising rubber.
  • When pus is present it must, of course, be given exit, and an antiseptic solution applied to the wound.
  • Analysis of the remedy showed it to be a combination of two weak, commonly used drugs, one a very mild antiseptic and the other a mild astringent.
  • In most cases this wound was a small, clean perforation, with very little shattering or mangling, and required only antiseptic bandaging and care.
  • It is said that muck-soil, when well drained, is an excellent one to bury cabbage in, as its antiseptic properties preserve them from decay.
  • This was due partly to improved antiseptic methods of treatment, and partly to the nature of the wound made by the Mauser bullet.
  • The camphorous odor of the plant suggested to me its application as an antiseptic lotion for varicose ulcers and my results have been very satisfactory.
  • Many times this is all the treatment required and in other cases it only is combined with a little intestinal antiseptic to further carry out the cleaning process.
  • This is interesting in view of the modern aseptic practice of surgery and the antiseptic treatment of wounds inaugurated by the late Lord Lister.
  • Therefore the antiseptic he is seeking is one that will assist the serum in protecting and repairing the broken tissues and will kill the hostile bacteria without killing the friendly phagocytes.
  • Supplies are in daily request for the production of colour: the employment for antiseptic purposes is larger yet; the export is also very considerable.
  • Should the sensitive structures be laid bare when allowing the pus to escape, then the wound so made should afterwards be protected with a leather sole and antiseptic stopping.
  • This fact and the action of the snuff above mentioned, demonstrate the antiseptic properties of the plant, due doubtless to its abundant aromatic principles.
  • A disinfectant is usually described as a substance capable of destroying bacteria and other micro-organisms, and an antiseptic as one that restrains or retards their growth or reproduction.
  • After discharge of the pus, the cavity remaining should be mopped out with an antiseptic solution, and a pledget of antiseptic tow or other material left in position.
  • We have not yet encountered any case in which it was found necessary to treat the latex with an antiseptic or disinfectant substance for the prevention of "spot" disease.
  • In a complicated crack the plate serves the further useful purpose of holding in position antiseptic pledgets, and so keeping the lesion free from dirt and grit.
  • In practice no substance acts entirely as an antiseptic as the organisms present have varying degrees of resistance and the less viable ones are killed by doses that are only antiseptic to the more resistant ones.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Antiseptic | Antiseptic Sentence

  • Another safe antiseptic is pure alcohol.
  • Thirdly it is used as an antiseptic to cover burned skin.
  • There was an odor of a strange antiseptic which made her faint.
  • Its use as an antiseptic depends upon its oxidizing properties.

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