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  • In face he was the antithesis of the other.
  • His antithesis is entirely empty.
  • The antithesis runs throughout.
  • Can a more complete antithesis be imagined?
  • This was the very antithesis of Revolution.
  • The FCIC is the antithesis of a formal bureaucracy.
  • Progress is obviously the antithesis of independent thinking.
  • Thesis and antithesis were therefore really in evidence at the beginnings.
  • So we are left with the single antithesis of matter and form.
  • The creeping reptile is commonly imagined as the antithesis of the bird.
  • Unfortunately for all parties, the antithesis is carried farther.
  • The moon 'shining on icicles' is the antithesis of the truth.
  • His philosophical principle is the direct antithesis of Eleaticism.
  • And there arises in this way the antithesis between Being and not-being.

How To Use Antithesis In A Sentence?

  • Only indeed in that antithesis between the finite and the infinite does the real live.
  • Nature, as the very antithesis to spirit, is now understood to be the foil of spirit.
  • Light was created as a thing by itself; and its antithesis "darkness" as another thing.
  • The antithesis between God as a personal and as an impersonal being, is a wholly modern idea.
  • He is the antithesis of Bonnard, and his colours possess almost no harmonious interrelation.
  • Octavie, a pretty little blonde sprite, and a perfect antithesis to her sister Charlotte.
  • The antithesis of negative and positive is strong: Not charity, but simple justice.
  • It is an antithesis against which conformist dialecticians have always turned their sharpest weapons.
  • It appeared out of keeping in such an atmosphere and rather the antithesis of force and violence than a complement for it.
  • Nor is it to be wondered at, if we consider the antithesis which is presented to their usual mode of life.
  • But the whole would be self-baffled and construed away from want of sin as the antithesis of holiness.
  • This is the real antithesis of tragedy, where things get blacker and blacker and end in hopeless woe.
  • To have formulated the antithesis between mind and matter is the most important work of Anaxagoras.
  • There was no finesse about him; he was a good fighter, with any amount of pluck, but the very antithesis of a scout.
  • There is the same type of antithesis in both cases; for just as blindness is opposed to sight, so is being blind opposed to having sight.
  • Strange, that the evident antithesis between power in respect of ceremonies, and authority in points of faith, should have been overlooked!
  • The antithesis is not merely that between the particularism of the Jew and the universalism of the Gentile.
  • Its antithesis or true contrary is not a crooked line, as might be supposed, but the straight line which runs at right angles to it.
  • These sentiments, being the antithesis to those of Cargrim, were of course extremely unpalatable to one of his nature.
  • There is also in Aristotle the antithesis of a popular or superficial, and an accurate or analytic, psychology.
  • At times she was regarded as the antithesis of Anu, i.e. as the earth in contradistinction to the heaven.
  • With this we must compare the fact that, as in this passage, so often the antithesis of flesh and spirit is found where Christ is spoken of.
  • It discloses a confusion of ideas even greater than the antithesis between industrialism and militarism in the writings of Herbert Spencer.
  • But still the antithesis is conceived, and therefore it is correct to say that the Nous of Anaxagoras is an incorporeal principle.
  • The third sub-section of the theory of Objective Mind describes a state of affairs in which this antithesis is explicitly overcome.
  • Ghirlandajo's work is, in its essentials, the antithesis of Sandro's, but it is marked by great journalistic talent.

Definition of Antithesis

A proposition that is the diametric opposite of some other proposition. | (rhetoric) A device by which two contrasting ideas are juxtaposed in parallel form.
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