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  • But the antlers were empty.
  • He looked at all the antlers the children had brought.
  • Each stag was held a prisoner by the antlers of the other.
  • Then their antlers crashed in a swift charge.
  • Then their antlers crashed in a swift charge.
  • How can anything hard like those antlers grow?
  • The children bringing antlers to Flaker.
  • Aye, I am bleeding; he hath landed his antlers in my seat.
  • He thought of the reindeer he had seen with antlers such as these.
  • Draw a picture of the children playing with the antlers of the reindeer.
  • But they knew that the other reindeer kept their antlers until early spring.
  • Some of the men put on headdresses made of the antlers of the reindeer.
  • His antlers were caught in the tangled vines and he was trying to get loose.
  • They felt of their polished antlers that had dealt many powerful blows.
  • He was always glad to see the locked antlers of the two stags.
  • The idea of trying to make me believe that antlers grow just like plants!
  • If he had seen those antlers growing, it would have been another matter.
  • The antlers were 22 inches high and 19 inches across from prong to prong.
  • I think they are the finest antlers I've ever had.

How To Use Antlers In A Sentence?

  • Then the larger reindeer that had lost their antlers started off to make-believe higher lands.
  • The red deer came down to dip his antlers and cool his flanks in the still shallows.
  • In the deer and elk tribe the antlers seem purely secondary sexual characteristics.
  • Farther away the glasses picked out the antlers and head of a small deer, peering above the brush.
  • While he thus examined everything, he spied the antlers of the Stag peeping out of the straw.
  • Within she saw a huge, raftered hall hung with antlers and guns and saddles, pelts, fox-brushes.
  • Yon oak hath reared its rugged antlers thus, Before Deucalion lived, or Daedalus.
  • Lightfoot rubbed his antlers against the trunk of a tree till some of the rags hanging to them dropped off.
  • Lightfoot stamped his feet and with his great antlers thrashed the bushes as if he felt that they were the enemy he sought.
  • This fear of using real antlers appears related to the treatment which was accorded to the bones of deer.
  • How gracefully do those antlers hang over my forehead, and give an agreeable turn to my whole face!
  • An old stag's antlers were large and strong, and the children liked to find them.
  • The broad palmate antlers with numerous sharp points sometimes measure 81/2 feet or more from tip to tip.
  • There were some among them old and tall, with their dowcets still, and proudly wearing their antlers with nine points.
  • He remembered the handsome reindeer with their deadly weapons, and at length he chose the large antlers which had belonged to a handsome stag.
  • While fearing his antlers and sharp hoofs, they would hang on and hang on, and in the end would drag down the quarry.
  • He bowed to his sister-in-law, walked quietly to the antlers on which he had hung his hat, and left the room.
  • The old hall in which we dined echoed to bursts of robustious fox-hunting merriment, that made the ancient antlers shake on the walls.
  • The male wapiti at maturity is some 7 or 8 feet high at the shoulders, and lifts its wide-spreading antlers fully 11 feet from the ground.
  • I carried the head with its branching antlers on my shoulder; the skin hung down, to keep my back warm, its edges trailing in the snow.

Definition of Antlers

plural of antler
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