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How To Use Antonia In A Sentence?

  • Antonia had set her plate before her, and the aroma of the roast was in her nostrils.
  • Antonia had been very friendly to Gerald at the period of their first acquaintance.
  • Antonia concentrated in herself the charms for which the women of Andalusia are famed.
  • Antonia, the novelist, declared a fondness for people out of the ordinary, the conventional.
  • Antonia glanced with a proud smile first down at Inez, then round at her guests.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Antonia | Antonia Sentence

  • Antonia had not heard her enter.
  • Antonia, her name was.
  • Antonia spoke to her once and again without being heard.
  • Antonia might well be excused for the excess of her terror.
  • Antonia, if you love me, tell me all.
  • He had a certain knowledge of Antonia.
  • He sent messages by Antonia.
  • She was ready to go out when Antonia returned.
  • Antonia had lived for many years in Florence.
  • Antonia, wizened and dark, came and went silently.
  • It would alarm old Antonia.
  • But old Antonia looked at him darkly.
  • Antonia thought very highly of the "child," she admitted.
  • Gerald looked from her to Antonia, slightly uneasy.
  • But old Antonia withdrew farther within the kitchen.
  • It was her latest vaudeville turn, imitating Antonia.
  • She was now called Anthony instead of Antonia.
  • The Establishment of Madame Antonia.
  • When Mr. Dean married Antonia, but not before.
  • Antonia!
  • Quexana, Antonia, heiress of Don Quixote, 286.
  • Antonia was wrong.
  • Antonia, of course.
  • Antonia now deemed that the time for such repentance had come.
  • Antonia!...
  • Antonia blushed shyly and looked even more attractive than before.
  • Antonia saw her coming and narrowed her eyes the better to see.
  • Zimmern (Antonia).
  • She was not at all surprised when Antonia handed her a sealed envelope.
  • Old Antonia was drawn out of her almost trance-like introspection.
  • At nightfall she turned wearily when Antonia tapped at her door.
  • The years flew by and soon little Antonia was thirteen years old.
  • It was not difficult to see in what illusion Antonia chose to live to-night.
  • A new work by ANTONIA was progressing.
  • Antonia, who had made her acquaintance at Aix-les-bains, was under her spell.
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