Any Better In A Sentence

How To Use Any Better In A Sentence?

  • I'm sure I don't want any better room than that.
  • Things went little if any better for the United States.
  • I wish I could say Tom was any better.
  • But, after all, am I any better than Mildred?
  • Was she any better?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Any Better | Any Better Sentence

  • But are we any better for it?
  • But are we any better ourselves?
  • And are the slaves any better off?
  • Was the world any better?
  • Could heaven be any better?
  • He cannot imagine himself any better than he is.
  • Could there have been any better news?
  • Would it have been any better than at present?
  • Toby did not know any better.
  • Are matters any better because we know that?
  • Would that make matters any better?
  • In a crisis now was his intellect any better than theirs?
  • Have we any better security for the future?
  • In his present environment was it any better?
  • Nor did the heroines please her any better.
  • The chills were not getting any better.
  • Who else could do any better?
  • Sara tried without any better luck.
  • You ought to pity her for not knowing any better.
  • Nor would he admit that ours looked any better than his.
  • Did you hope to do any better with a double-barrelled gun?
  • Does your dirt pan out any better than it did last summer?
  • Will a man sleep any better for a wrinkle more or less?
  • She was sure he would like nothing any better.
  • You a'n't any better than the rest of them!
  • Why was she any better than I?
  • But how should I know any better?
  • Nobody should make Luther any better than he makes himself.
  • Whether they would do any better with you I do not know.
  • Nor does the Louisiana woman fare any better as a mother.
  • R.C. had not done any better shooting.
  • I doubt whether this person dresses any better than I do.
  • Then turning to me, he asked if Russell were any better?
  • I did not know, nor do I know any better at this moment.
  • Now, sir, am I to have any better luck with you?
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