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  • Sure they would if they had any sense.
  • But he is not guilty in any sense.
  • Can you make any sense of it?
  • She had not any sense of anything.
  • I am not in any sense a part of it.
  • It is not any sense of duty.
  • He was not in any sense a man of books.
  • Lite could not see any sense in that.
  • I never was able to make any sense out of it.
  • Nothing in the case seemed to make any sense.
  • Concentration enables any sense to become more acute.
  • No, he was not our representative in any sense.
  • This idea does not fool people of any sense.
  • These schools were not in any sense popular schools.
  • There were no jars, scarcely any sense of motion.
  • Was it, in any sense, a test?
  • Get a move on you, woman, if you have any sense!
  • He was not in any sense a "mere" rationalist.
  • I am not a 'new woman' in any sense of the word.
  • No section, no family could feel any sense of security.
  • It was not, of course, in any sense a new idea.
  • X. Have the English any Sense of Humour?
  • Haven't you any sense?
  • You didn't have any sense.
  • But she hasn't any sense.
  • But then they haven't any sense!
  • There wasn't any sense.
  • Haven't you any sense?
  • The leaders did not regard themselves in any sense as revolutionaries.
  • I hadn't got any sense at all!
  • Talk if you've got any sense.
  • There is not a glimpse of poetry about them in any sense of the word.
  • I do not discover that he was in any sense an ardent believer.
  • There ain't any sense in that.
  • Don't everybody with any sense know it?

How To Use Any Sense In A Sentence?

  • I had to cuff his head once or twice to get any sense out of it at all.
  • It must be noted here that these experiments are not in any sense convincing.
  • He had forgotten that the fellow could not be expected to have any sense.
  • It makes no claim to be in any sense complete or comprehensive.
  • I find it an impossibility to make any sense out of this poem.
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