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  • Otherwise there seems little room for any significant reduction.
  • Hence any significant scepticism is not open to the above form of refutation."

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  • It is difficult to see any significant use of sea power in this second Punic war.
  • Again you ask whether technic has made any significant advance since the time of Franz Liszt.
  • At no time did Washington risk a general engagement; at no time did he inflict any significant loss upon his antagonist or hinder his advance.
  • I saw that Hugh was waiting for me to place it, but any significant connection it might have I found myself unable to recall.
  • Thus heed could be taken of any significant changes in the price level, in the conditions of supply and demand for capital, or in any of the other relevant considerations.
  • Anyway, accommodation does not fully account for Spinoza's attitude on this question; in fact, it does not account for any significant feature of it.
  • The more our machine equipment is worn out, the more disordered our railways grow, the less hope there is for us of receiving machines to any significant extent from abroad in the near future, the greater is the importance acquired by the question of living labor-power.
  • Whether or not Thomson's supplies constituted any significant amount, the very fact that he had to advertise them indicates a lack of coordination and communication between those urgently seeking supplies and those selling them.
  • They knew that any significant default on the part of one member of their community would not, in all likelihood, be considered by the authorities to be a default of that one person alone--a failing quite in the order of human nature; they knew it would be considered a manifestation of an essential vice characteristic of the whole community.
  • Although the mean for _T. s. spinifer_ is slightly less than in the remaining subspecies, I doubt that there is any significant difference according to subspecies in the size at which sexual maturity is attained in the subspecies _spinifer_,
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