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  • This definition defines the location of an element in any type of abstractive element.
  • Two of these showed a thin sliver of a submarine that might have been of almost any type.
  • Thus unless in case of sickness, they must not take shelter in a house of any type.
  • It is a failing of the male species to be cursed with the inability to understand any type of nervousness in a wife.
  • Any type of thought that prevails in our mental lives will in time produce its correspondences in our physical lives.
  • Where artificial brooders are used any type of brooding apparatus can be utilized which is used with success for chickens.
  • Besides, these determining conditions are not lacking in any type of imagination; there is only a difference as between lesser and greater.
  • There are certain things you can learn and do that will help you get ready for, and cope with, almost any type of natural disaster.
  • In any type of smoke-house, the roof should fit tightly at the eaves, and the only vent should be in or near the roof-ridge.
  • In any type of general disaster, lives can be saved if people are prepared for the emergency, and know what actions to take when it occurs.
  • From this it is clear that the formation of concretions is not closely dependent on any single inorganic substance, or on any type of crystalline structure.
  • Almost any type of boat can be produced by the use of simple blocks of wood and other miscellaneous pieces easily brought to shape from ordinary materials.
  • There is no life save His life; how then could any type come into existence apart from the universal life, bereft whereof nothing can exist?
  • And no element in the whole policy of wage settlement should stand in the way of the payment of a higher wage than that fixed by the central authority for any type of work.
  • When using any type of drip system it is especially important to relate the amount of water applied to the depth of the soil to the crops, root development.
  • Correction of any type of sex misdemeanor requires insight, forbearance, a vast amount of emotional poise, and an understanding of contributing causes.
  • I do not say there is any type of such tablets in nature, but all the difference lies in the fact that the tablet is not considered as an ornament, and the riband, or flying scroll, is.
  • War obtains a natural explanation on sociological and psychological principles, not as a disease, but as a natural consequence and condition of the formation of nations, or of any type of horde or group.
  • Its depth remained invariable, still four, or at most five, fathoms; and although its bottom was assiduously dredged, it was only to prove it barren of marine production of any type.
  • This competition was planned for May 1, 1917, with the result that we entered the war without having decided upon any type of machine gun, and it was not until some weeks later that the Browning was approved.
  • Any dead human body we merely put in a tank which dissolves it into separate cells, a mass of stasis with potentiality to be reformed into any type of human being of which we have an identification punch-plate, you see?
  • The merit system is simply one method of securing honest and efficient administration of the Government; and in the long run the sole justification of any type of government lies in its proving itself both honest and efficient.
  • The people in control, in an increasingly intelligent control of their own lives and their own governments, will be governed by a higher degree of self-enlightenment and mutual self-interest than under the domination or even the leadership of any type of hereditary ruling class or war-lord.
  • It will be seen from either of these switches that the modification of the spring arrangement, so as to make them include a varying number of make-and-break contacts, is a simple matter, and switches of almost any type are readily modified in this respect.
  • COMP: Computer, of any type and size from a hand-held personal model to an Imperial Battle Cruiser's or other artificial intelligence.
  • The new government was accordingly nationalist and centralistic; it opposed any type of regionalism--political, administrative, economic, or military.
  • One has to hack away, as it were, and keep on hacking away, until one breaks through the crusts of reserve and prejudice and shyness which always surround the "soul" of pure gold--or, in fact, the "soul" of any type or quality.
  • All of our type is now made of this new amalgam, and it is warranted to have better lasting qualities than any other type made in the United States, and with publishers who use perfecting presses and stereotype their forms, COPPERINE type will soon be the favorite, as it will stand the stereotype process better than any type now in use.
  • You see, Mr. Hawkins"--turning to Ned-- "Jones hasn't got any type, and of course he can't afford to buy it, but he's got hold of a little second-hand toy printing press.
  • Now it not only stands in our way to a permanent peace of the world that the great mass of men are not prepared for even the most obvious implications of such an idea, but there is also a second invincible difficulty--that there is nowhere in the world anybody, any type of men, any organisation, any idea, any nucleus or germ, that could possibly develop into the necessary over-Government.
  • we should have said that he was incapable of portraying any type of man but the abnormal and Napoleonic.
  • In addition to all destroyers, adequate protection of the fleet would require all other available light craft in the service, or which could be commandeered and put into service--that is, submarines, armed tugs, trawlers, yachts, torpedo boats, revenue cutters, mine-layers and mine-sweepers, and in fact any type of small craft which could be used as protective or offensive screens.
  • falchion: a sword with a broad and slightly curved blade, used in the Middle Ages; hence, poetically, any type of sword.
  • 2. Have made a working model of any type of heavier than air machine, that will fly at least twenty-five yards; and have built a box kite that will fly.
  • Vessels were there in abundance, odd, unwieldy, blunt-bowed craft with huge, rakish, tawny sails; long strings of flat barges, pyramidal mounds of coal on each, lashed to another and convoyed by panting tugs; steam cargo boats, battered, worn, rusted sore through their age-old paint; a steel leviathan of the deep seas, half cargo, half passenger boat, warping reluctantly into the mouth of the Victoria Dock tidal basin,--but no brigantine, no sailing vessel of any type.
  • "Briefly, the terms of the contest are as follows: any type of machine or engine can be employed, and as many descents as are necessary to replenish fuel and stores.
  • "I've heard it contended that any type of government is good given capable, intelligent personnel to run it, or bad if not so managed.
  • =Flavor production.= The flavor of any type of cheese is the most important characteristic, just as it is in butter, for it is largely the flavor that determines the selling value of the product, and is the most difficult thing to control.

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  • If any type can wear black with impunity, this can.
  • We can handle any type rocket up to and including the new Marvin 990s.
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