Apart From in a sentence

Definition of Apart From

Except for; besides.

Short Example Sentence for Apart From

  • 1. Apart from that they have had nothing to do with it.
  • 2. Apart from this he did nothing spectacular.
  • 3. But this is apart from the question.
  • 4. Somehow she seemed to be apart from him.
  • 5. Apart from these their significance was gone.
  • 6. Apart from that he appreciated all styles.
  • 7. Is it apart from the body?
  • 8. What is wisdom apart from that?
  • 9. This was above and apart from his manner to her.
  • 10. But he drew her apart from the crowd.
  • 11. Dil seemed quite apart from them.
  • 12. Agnes had drawn a little apart from them.
  • 13. Yet he did not live apart from the world.
  • 14. Force cannot exist apart from matter.
  • 15. Apart from his intimates he is shy and reserved.
  • 16. My experience has not been so very far apart from yours.
  • 17. Could the one exist apart from the other?
  • 18. Apart from that, he should not suffer.
  • 19. Apart from such attention there is nothing for the mind.
  • 20. Apart from this, all was still.
  • 21. They have no meaning apart from the soul.
  • 22. Ommaney had no existence apart from his work.
  • 23. He must live his life apart from her.
  • 24. And this apart from the wealth of its historic glories.
  • 25. Apart from this, its reputation was unique.
  • 26. The qualities cannot exist apart from the substances.
  • 27. Have you ever found it apart from matter?
  • 28. Instil no religious doctrine apart from its duty.
  • 29. Has the society rules apart from the constitution?
  • 30. You ought to hold yourself apart from the world.
  • 31. It follows that apart from mind there can be no matter.
  • 32. It was to escape and to live apart from both forever.
  • 33. I cannot conceive of matter apart from force.
  • 34. Kibei drew a little apart from the body.
  • 35. It was wholly apart from his ordinary habit.

How to use Apart From in a Sentence?

  • 1. It is his manner that sets him apart from his fellows.
  • 2. One great bull stood apart from the others.
  • 3. The two were standing together apart from the others.
  • 4. He paused and drew her apart from the circling dancers.
  • 5. She never forgave him for living apart from his wife.