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Definition of Apartment

A complete domicile occupying only part of a building. | (archaic) A suite of rooms within a domicile, designated for a specific person or persons and including a bedroom. | (obsolete) A division of an enclosure that is separate from others; a compartment

How To Use Apartment In A Sentence?

  • The faintly lighted apartment had all the qualifications requisite for a haunted chamber.
  • Olivia looked vaguely about the room, as on an apartment she had never before seen.
  • Each apartment has two rows of vaulted recesses in its walls, and very fine cornices above.
  • He knew quite well that she was capable of leaving the apartment that night, in her kimono.
  • He made a gallery of coolness, which ran from this apartment to the cellar, which was behind.
  • Randy took off his coat and shoes and started for the apartment where Pep was fast asleep.
  • Her apartment was furnished in good taste, with, perhaps, a touch of over-emphasis.
  • At the door of their own apartment Patricia stood quite still with a rather blank expression.
  • Mrs. Daker was living in a handsome apartment when I called upon her on the morrow of the ball.
  • These had found their way into the apartment where we were sitting, and ran about in all directions.
  • It was before the hour when the morning frequenters were wont to assemble, and for the moment they had the apartment to themselves.
  • The worker hopes to have an apartment equipped as a plain but attractive home, where all this work can be done.
  • He led me along a passage on the ground-floor of the entrance hall and through an official-looking apartment to a lively scene indeed.
  • The rest of the apartment was divided longitudinally into little cubicula, rooms of the space of the one dirty mat with which each was furnished.
  • Molly made her way through Judy's tumbled apartment and helped herself to the stamps.
  • He left the apartment without another word or look, and as the door closed behind him there was a kind of finality in the clicking of the latch.
  • I could do no work in this apartment for a long time, I was so interested in the perfection of its arrangements.
  • In the twinkling of an eye, Raskolnikoff glided into the deserted apartment and hid himself as best he could up against the wall.
  • When he comes into the office or public room, the society dissolves; one after another slips out, and the apartment is at his disposal.
  • Soon Gideon brought me into a sumptuous apartment hung with violet-coloured velvet, relieved with gold.
  • They entered Massimi's apartment upon his wedding night and shot his bride to death in his arms.
  • At the open door of the apartment in which I was, appeared a crowd of slaves, most of them so young as to be mere children.
  • Iron John almost grudged me the tallow candle to burn in my apartment and light up its dreariness; so accustomed had he been to starveling economy.
  • Frank Raban, having left the three standing silent and sorry in the calm sunset room, ran down to his own apartment on the floor beneath.
  • The boys settled themselves in camp chairs, Mr. King closed the door of the apartment and sat down again.
  • Keith followed him to the billiard-room, a big apartment finished in oak, with several large tables in it, and he and Rhodes began to play.
  • At the top of the stairs I was received by the Pasha, who led me into a spacious apartment with divans all around, but no other furniture.
  • But if he had been in his apartment there was little chance that he had been left alive, for the explosion occurred very near his room, destroying everything.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Apartment | Apartment Sentence

  • Does the beauty want an apartment to herself?
  • It concealed a small apartment in the turret.
  • The apartment consisted of these two rooms.
  • There were my things in the apartment on the first floor.
  • His sudden appearance in my apartment frightened me.
  • The dining-room was a long apartment with three windows.
  • Is this the apartment I am to occupy?
  • A visitor was sitting in the apartment who was also engaged in reading.
  • I first saw her in an apartment of one of the sumptuous palaces of Genoa.
  • In a lofty apartment sat Santonio near a table laid for dinner.
  • In the centre of that handsome apartment I stood and gazed wonderingly around.
  • Winther had been to his cousin's apartment and found it locked.

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