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  • Spiritual apathy prevented her.
  • The apathy of illness was gone.
  • A great imaginative apathy has fallen on the mind.
  • But this terrible apathy that seemed now to be a part of him!
  • It troubled her to notice in him something almost like apathy toward the war.
  • If you count on Northern apathy you will soon see your mistake.

How To Use Apathy In A Sentence?

  • They desired that the apathy which threatened to take hold on him should be banished.
  • Yet, such is the impression which our apathy of effort in those regions would produce.
  • These ladies have no conversation, and relapse into apathy after asking a few personal questions.
  • A deadly apathy had succeeded his passion, and he was sullen and incapable of higher thoughts.
  • After all, the blessed apathy within him was giving way and going to play him false!
  • Major Darcy had observed her apathy under this rain of largesse with some disapproval.
  • The buildings themselves are evidence of the apathy reigning among the Shirazis.
  • But I failed to rouse him from his apathy or to give him the love of effort....
  • It was for their good, in the apathy that followed 1864, that it should be so, and Dalgas saw it.
  • As she invited herself to apathy there were steps on the gravel, and Rickie Elliot burst in.
  • The slaves on their knees looked in sullen apathy on this desperate struggle of man against the elements.
  • It found her in the apathy of exhaustion, and it was yet one with all that was passionate in her and undying.
  • Brayfield had gossiped, marvelled and sunk into a sort of apathy of unrewarded and quiescent curiosity.
  • He had patted her shoulder with a tragic apathy in his manner, and had said that the change would do her good.
  • The apathy which was made a sufficient excuse for the one case, should have also formed a sufficient excuse for the other.
  • The poverty of the people and the natural apathy of many in regard to education also prevented the development of good schools.
  • His illness seemed to have banished all his satirical humour, and that disdainful apathy which is the negative form of philosophy.
  • For weeks she had been prey to an apathy which was only broken, at intervals, by an outburst of passionate revolt.
  • He fell into a sort of apathy which resulted in a partial derangement of his mind, and finally in the complete prostration of his system.
  • He had lost his spirit and enthusiasm since the meeting, and was fast relapsing into his old state of apathy and boredom.
  • Lady Daphne observed that he had shaken off the gloom and apathy which had engulfed him for the last few years.
  • Nor was this indifference and apathy of her manner thrown away on the purchasers who crowded towards the Ghetto.
  • Even the frosty soil beneath him, unyielding to his tread, recalled the apathy with which his fellow-countrymen had listened to his cries.
  • When the paroxysm of weeping had worn itself out, yet brought no relief to her passionate nature, a kind of apathy succeeded.
  • I observed, however, an occasional slight turn of its head, as if its apathy were more affected than real.
  • With their marvellous tact they conquer apathy and overcome repugnance; they gain a hearing, and they obtain at least time for more.
  • The girl's cheery optimism was infectious, and Violet roused herself from the apathy of despair.
  • Rebellion came flaming into his apathy and Kenny caught his breath and held it, fiercely striking his hands together again and again.
  • Indeed, the general apathy of England at large was a source of extreme wonder to the unthinking, fearing minority.
  • Doreen, who, after her noteworthy row upon the bay, threw aside the appearance of apathy she had assumed, saw this new danger with concern.
  • If ever our Establishment is overthrown, that catastrophe will be due to clerical faults and defaults, rather than to lay apathy or hostility.
  • Never had woman so moved him from his apathy before; and the more he thought of her simplicity and daring combined, the more he told himself that this woman was his fate.
  • The woman came quickly from her apathy of dismay and sprang forward, while Jim, too, advanced, his anxiety for another reason.
  • I am not disheartened by the corruption of politicians, nor the deathlike apathy of the community, so long as we remain independent of the renegade republic.

Definition of Apathy

Lack of emotion or motivation; lack of interest or enthusiasm towards something; disinterest (in something).
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