Aperture In A Sentence

How To Use Aperture In A Sentence?

  • It is advisable to focus the enlargement with the largest aperture of the lens.
  • In less than three seconds he had scrambled through the aperture and was stooping over the box.
  • This singular aperture is peculiarly striking from the simplicity and regularity of its form.
  • The iron bar was still across the entrance but there was a jagged aperture above and below.
  • Jacob looked through the aperture on the landward side and saw pleasant things.
  • An aperture of size sufficient to allow a man to force himself through was soon made.
  • The smoke from his fire of logs escaped as lazily as it might through an aperture in the roof.
  • In the lower power objectives the angular aperture is to be reduced by the iris diaphragm.
  • He had silently and softly removed the clod of peat that blocked the aperture before mentioned.
  • He pointed to a low aperture in one corner of the roundish space in which they stood.
  • They make an aperture in the skin by scratching it with a needle, and then they draw the bag out.
  • Let us turn a telescope with a low aperture on this, and what a sight presents itself!
  • The beam of light from the small aperture moved visibly across the opposite wall.
  • Near the base there is an aperture for a tap to draw off the beer, there being no spout or lip.
  • Drainage is through a small aperture in the north wall, whose outlet is not known.
  • Then he locked it, again hung the key in the secret aperture and closed the panel.
  • The fire is made in a hole in the ground, directly under the aperture at the top.
  • A little aperture in the centre of the iris, through which the rays of light pass to the retina.
  • It answered to a touch, and the gas went roaring through the aperture like a typhoon.
  • Hastening up, with Isuke he bent over the aperture of what seemed to be a well.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aperture | Aperture Sentence

  • Ten minutes more and the aperture was cleared.
  • No aperture and no indentation was to be found.
  • In the false griffin the aperture is upwards.
  • It was a square aperture of about two feet in extent.
  • Outer lip flattened; aperture black.
  • A telescope of 3-inches aperture should show it well.
  • Now the aperture admitted a pale gleam upon his chest.
  • Edward Henry approached the aperture and gazed within.
  • Beside this trigger there was a small square aperture through the wood.
  • I bent my head backward and looked up through the aperture in the ceiling.
  • He leant through an aperture in the side of the cradle and listened intently.
  • His eyes were still fixed on the gaping aperture in his sock.
  • Suddenly a long aperture of light appeared in the dark wall of the shack.
  • Then through a ragged black aperture rose the head and shoulders of a man.
  • Marmaduke shrank back, and gazed upon the aperture with abhorrence and dismay.
  • It took him almost two hours to hack an aperture that would admit him easily.
  • A large aperture was made in the wall, which is three feet thick.
  • One huge aperture looked out upon the open sea, sloping down towards it.
  • It had a focal distance of fifty-three feet, and an aperture of six feet.
  • He saw a tiny white puff at last, and marked the aperture whence it issued.

Definition of Aperture

An opening, gap, or hole, usually small and narrow | (optics) Something which restricts the diameter of the light path through one plane in an optical system. | (astronomy, photography) The diameter of the aperture (in the sense above) which restricts the width of the light path through the whole system. For a telescope, this is the diameter of the objective lens.
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