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  • Here is an obol apiece for their trouble.
  • We had about a mouthful apiece for lunch.
  • Got one apiece anyhow.
  • Hoo much apiece for these palefaced pegs?
  • Fifty cents apiece and dirt cheap.
  • Just one apiece for myself and my brothers and sisters!
  • I will give them a pound apiece to start at once.
  • They receive about half a rouble apiece for this service.
  • There ain't a quart apiece in 'em.
  • It had better be a pail apiece they'd be askin' for.
  • I will pay five dollars apiece for Jacobin scalps.
  • We paid $1 apiece for eggs and $2 for a loaf of bread.
  • Would I take $20 apiece for these trees?
  • Carrying a lantern apiece the children rushed out and into her arms.
  • Two shilling apiece wasn't much.
  • Each of them would have a hundred thousand dollars apiece roughly.
  • They borrowed a quattrino apiece from a neighbour and were richly rewarded.
  • The recorder fined them forty marks apiece for their independence.
  • We had but a shot or two apiece to the musket, they tell me.
  • On this day of days they had a bone apiece and all kinds of good scrapings.
  • He told me that his three brothers had lost an arm apiece in the war.
  • Many individual trees have sold for $500 apiece and even more.
  • With some misgivings we did so, paying two cents apiece for seats.
  • Half a million apiece to four or five old people's homes.
  • Then, no doubt, he taxed them a shekel apiece and let them go.

How To Use Apiece In A Sentence?

  • Four sandwiches apiece for the boys and three for the girls are what we allow.
  • Later on they were required to return these receipts or three dollars apiece for them.
  • In a ballet of forty the dancers receive from 75 to 80 marks apiece with all costumes furnished.
  • Josiah stood ready to pay the ten cents apiece to give us the pleasure of a ride.
  • When he got an order to make twelve at twelve dollars apiece he thought his fortune was made.
  • Ten dollars apiece was the price of a chance, and it was freeze-out at four-bits a chip.
  • Some are killed every year, and the government pays one and sixpence apiece for the heads.
  • Alas, the turkeys would have sold for eight skillings apiece when they had grown fat and big!
  • We came up before the judge next morning, and it cost us ten bones apiece and costs.
  • We eat on the average only 18 pounds apiece per year, though our meat consumption is 170 pounds.
  • A thousand francs apiece for him and Antoine, and no possible chance of being discovered.
  • It is rare that I see him now, but the other day we smoked two cigars apiece together.
  • So when we get to where you're going I'll give you boys five dollars apiece and call it square.
  • Good bulls are worth between L30 and L50 apiece if full-grown and from the best flocks.
  • The tickets were sold at seventy-five cents apiece and the proceeds given to a local charity.

Definition of Apiece

Each by itself; for or to each one
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